The Tundra Tabloids just reported about the story breaking in the UK of Labour MP’s participating in a cash-for-access scheme, including, Margaret Moran, who told a Channel 4 undercover journalist, boasting that “she could ring a ‘girls’ gang’ of colleagues, including Jacqui Smith,”. Apparently Ms Moran  supposedly suggested to the same reporter that “she was able to influence immigration policy on behalf of clients.”
What makes this all the more interesting is that Jacqui Smith was the same Home Office director that placed the California radio talk show host, Michael Savage on a list of undesirables not to be admitted into the UK. So it’s safe to mull over the possibility she was acting, not on the behalf of British citizens, but on the reccomendation of someone influencing her for political reasons.
But the buffoonery doesn’t end there, far from it, the one and the same Jacqui Smith who banned Savage, allowed the daughter of Che Guevara entry into the UK. So a radio announcer who holds views deemed not politically correct enough for entry, deserves to be banned, while a woman who promotes the ideas of her mass murdering thug father is just fine and dandy for the moronic British Home Office.

Aleida Guevara:
My father’s thuggery and murdering was done with love

That’s the crazy world we live in, where the radical Left has made deep enroads into the higher levels of government, whether it be in the UK or in the US. These morons are making hash of our free society, in the UK and in the many states of the EU, they’ve taken re-engineering the very social fabric of their societies with mass immigration in hope to tap decades more of loyal voters to help keep them in power. Read up on the UK’s “valued guest”, it’s enough to turn your stomach. KGS
Last summer the British government banned U.S. radio commentator Michael Savage from setting foot in the UK. “Fostering extremism and hatred ” was his crime, as explained by Britain’s Home Secretary of the time, Jacqui Smith. “Coming to the U.K. is a privilege,” she elaborated, “and I refuse to extend that privilege to individuals who abuse our standards and values to undermine our way of life. Therefore, I will not hesitate to name and shame those who foster extremist views as I want them to know that they are not welcome here.”

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