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Osmo Soininvaara:
The Nazis were critical of the Jews
The Tundra Tabloids realizes that US VP, Joseph “hair plugs” Biden, is prone to gaffes, here in Finland we have, Osmo Soininvaara, the former spokesman for the Finnish Greens party, who is the personification of the political elite’s mediocrity. He’s also happens to be as daft as “plugs” Biden.
Over at the under achiever’s blog, discussing domestic politics concerning refugee policies, the former Greens party spokesman writes the following, in which he compares “critical” voices prior to WWII and now:

Osmo Soininvaara: The problem lies in the fact that the Geneva agreement is hopelessly out of date. It was born in a mental hangover, when they realized what a terrible act was done, as other countries did not offer protection to the Jews who fled the Jewish-critical government of Germany. Those articles (Geneva Convention articles) of the time are ill-suited for the present.
What was the man thinking? It’s not like he was in a discussion and forgot what he said, so it was left uncorrected. No, it was written on his blog, and very plain for all to see, yet no one there commenting, especially Soininvaara, thought what he said was outrageous. How could he even think to describe the Nazis the Jews were fleeing from as being just….critical?
This is the same guy who said on his blog concerning an Imam in Finland approving of child marriages (I hate that term, it’s really authorized rape of a child) that:
“If one obtains an exceptional permission to marry an 11-year-old girl in Finland, then having sex with her is OK according to the Finnish legislation, as well. But an exceptional permission will be extremely difficult to get.”

The man is a complete loon. What’s incredible is that this kind of talk is what passes for normal here, and if not for those of us in the Finnish/English blogosphere exposing this kind of nonsense, no one else would no about it. KGS

Thanks to Kumitonttu for the hat tip

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  1. This explains why Hamas is not condemned by the lefty-loonies. In their eyes Hamas is not expressing a violentful anti-human politics – it is just being a "critical" regime.

    But the West has no right to be "critical" against Islam – draw a prophet as a dog and you get killed. The lefties nod their heads with serious looks: "Yep, he surely provoked them in vain. Didn't we warn him, did we?".

  2. You're being a moron, KGS. Soininvaara's description of the Nazi regime as "juutalaiskriittinen" is an obvious play on the word "maahanmuuttokriittinen". In other words, he's slyly comparing Finnish immigration restrictionists to Nazis. None of his commenters call Soininvaara on that word, because, being native Finnish speakers, they understand what he means.

    Similarly, the idea that Soininvaara supports child marriages is ridiculous. He is simply being sarcastic in that quote. As he says later in the same thread, "Do you not understand sarcasm? In Finland, NO ONE will get a permission to marry at 11" ("Eikä sitä ymmärretä sarkasmi[a]? KUKAAN ei saa Suomessa lupaa mennä naimisiin 11-vuotiaana")

    Furthermore, your description of Soininvaara as a mediocrity only reveals your ignorance. There is no question that he is one of the sharpest political thinkers in Finland, respected across political divides. And I say this as someone who loathes the Finnish Green Party. There is no shortage of leftist and Green politicians in Finland with a propensity for silly statements, but Soininvaara is not one of them. Both of your "gotchas" are gross misrepresentations of what he actually said.

    Soininvaara's blog is easily the best political blog in Finland, and the quality of comments is the highest of any Finnish blog. What I like about him is that he is very practical-minded and cognizant of economic realities, never spouting ideological platitudes like most politicians.

  3. Nonsense TH, you're the one being the moron. Spinning the words of Soininvaara won't help you. I am fluent in Finnish, and understand exactly what he was saying, as well as other native Finns who have come to the very same conclusion.

    In Soininvaara's twisted world, if the government allowed for child marriages, then there you have it, it would be legal. He should have never made that kind of argument, the same can be said of his labeling the Nazi government as only "Jewish critical.

    Nice spin job, but it doesn't wash. Neither does your description of the guy, he's a Leftist loon, as is many of his ideas.


    NOTE: Kumitonttu hits the nail on the head. Enough said about the "greens"

  4. Again, you're 100% wrong. In the Finnish political scene, Soininvaara is a moderate right-winger. He used to be a member of the libertarian Liberaalinen Kansanpuolue, after all. Several of his works (none of which you have read), such as "Vihreä markkinatalous" and "Hyvinvointivaltion eloonjäämisoppi", have been either published by or gotten awards from pro-market organizations such as Suomen Ekonomiliitto and Elinkeinoelämän keskusliitto. To the consternation of many leftist Greens, he has repeatedly described himself as a bourgeois (porvari) politician.

    If you do not understand that "juutalaiskriittinen" is a play on the word "maahanmuuttokriittinen", then you're clearly not fluent in Finnish.

    Do you honestly believe that if the government wanted to pass a law allowing 11-year-olds to get married, Soininvaara would be okay with it? That's a ridiculous assertion. It was Jussi Halla-aho who originally made this spurious claim, and Soininvaara, baffled that anyone would interpret his words as anything but sarcasm (especially as Halla-aho himself certainly knows how risque jokes by politicians get willfully misinterpreted by adversaries), has explicitly rejected this malicious interpretation: https://www.soininvaara.fi/2009/04/04/halla-aho-ei-pysy-totuudessa/

    In general, I hate the style of political commentary where, instead of trying to understand where the other party is getting at, you spin their words in a ridiculous manner, trying to portray them as degenerates, freaks, and Nazis. The left does still all the time against nationalists like me, but must we sink to that level, too?

  5. BS. Soinivaara is not a right-winger, any more than the Chinese Politiburo.

    Regardless of his conversion to the market economy, his social policies reflect the views of the Left. I don't care how many books he's written, he's a statist.

    That means being in favor of big governmental intervention in the private sector.

    Casting him a "moderate right-winger" doesn't past the smell test.

    I could care less for his "play on words", they were poorly chosen, and that he doesn't see that, makes him into an idiot.

    And being an idiot, it wouldn't surprise me that he would deem it a legal act if the government chose to make a Muslim's marriage to an 11 yr. old girl legal.

    I find it typical of folks like you who want to apologize for habitual morons who get to say pretty much what they like, and not be held accountable for it, because they belong to the correct group of elites.

    I read his statemnt in Finnish on his blog, screen captured it and it reads as it reads. How pathetic is for those to try and spin it a different way.


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