Finland Immigration Racism


Researcher Ilkka Niiniluoto:
I’m called a racist for just doing my job
Anyone who dares discuss or research the multicultural Left’s holy cow of mass immigration, is in serious danger of being smeared, tarred and feathered as a racist. Remember folks, the Finnish immigration minister Astrid Thors also complained of death threats, well here is something that sounds more plausible.
The radical Left is responsible for both the smearing of the critics of mass immigration with bogus “high profile” calls on the internet for violence against Finnish polticians who promote mass immigration policies, while harrassing researchers who are looking into the problems surrounding the implementation of these same policies. KGS

Immigration experts face racist harassment

Finnish researchers into issues related to immigration have increasingly become victims of online threats against themselves and their families. Some of them have withdrawn from public discussions rather than face the intimidation.
University of Helsinki Chancellor Ilkka Niiniluoto does not know of a time when the Finnish scientific community had faced such attacks. “It could be compared with situations in history such as the Soviet Union of the time of Stalin, or when Galileo Galilei was victimised by the Inquisition”, he says.
“Few know the kind of direct harassment that researchers undergo today”, says Veronika Honkasalo, a researcher at the Youth Research Network. Honkasalo pointed out that Minister of Finance Jyrki Katainen (Nat. Coalition Party) said last spring that people should be able to speak critically about immigration issues without being labelled a racist.
“With that excuse it would be possible to say anything at all”, Honkasalo said.

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