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Obama: Was that tough enough talk for you Moody?

It’s all a ruse, and as the Tundra Tabloids has stated previously, it was just a matter of time. The US Administration and the State Department are treating its best ally in the region like dirt, and that’s they way they’ve planned it, just biding their time to make the most out of a situation when it presents itself.
The whole issue of Israel building 1600 homes is a non-issue, it was always the intention of the Israeli government to allow for the enlargement of districts that are in fact suburbs of Jerusalem, the US knows this as well as the Arabs. It should never have been a shock, let alone and insult, to VP Joe Biden or Obama, they knew Israel has to address the needs of its captial, and besides, just who in the hell are they to tell a sovereign nation where a Jew can live?
Israel has had to deal with this kind of nonsense periodically from the White House, from both sides of the political aisle, George Bush sr. was no great friend of Israel like his son was, and still is. Jim “F the Jews” Baker was outright hostile to the Jewish state, some of the TT’s Republican friends forget that. But much has changed in the Republican party since then, though there are still conservatives to be found that are as hostile to Israel as Jim Baker was.
Israeli Prime Minister Banjamin Netanyahu just needs to stand fast as he’s doing right now, and continue with the planned building of these Jewish homes, in spite of what Obama and the State Department says. Syria, Iran and the rest of the Arab states care little for what Obama says, why should the Jewish state of Israel? Obama is a prisoner of his own failed policies, and the TT believes that Netanyahu understands this. KGS

Obama runs out of patience with Israel

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday strongly defended Jewish settlement construction in East Jerusalem in the face of US pressure and what one of his own top diplomats described as the worst crisis in relations with Washington for more than three decades.
A defiant Mr Netanyahu appeared to be digging in despite clear indications that the Obama administration is now demanding the scrapping of plans for 1,600 new Jewish homes, whose announcement overshadowed last week’s visit to Israel by the US Vice-President Joe Biden. Mr Netanyahu’s stance appeared to guarantee, after a highly charged week, the protraction of a stand-off in which a full-scale diplomatic row blew up at the start of Mr Biden’s visit and appeared to abate at the end of it. But it was then reignited by demands from Hillary Clinton and an angry White House that Israel make amends for the “insulting” announcement just as indirect negotiations with the Palestinians had finally been arranged.
The US is now said to be demanding substantive concessions from Israel after a warning by the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that he would not take part in talks if the plan to expand the mainly ultra-orthodox Ramat Shlomo settlement went ahead. The row has appeared finally to bring to a head the year-long tensions between the two governments since Barack Obama tried in vain to persuade the Israeli Prime Minister to agree to a total settlement freeze. He was thwarted by Mr Netanyahu who agreed only to a partial 10-month freeze, which did not include East Jerusalem.

NOTE: For more on the legality of the settlements, click here, here, here and here.

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