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First watch the video, then read the article. Wilders is clearly the man of hour, everything he says is backed up by the official record. The Left however, is busy lying to the people while committing cultural suicide. KGS

Gouda: criminal Moroccan capital

An analysis by Dutch police has shown the Dutch city of Gouda is home to the highest percentage of criminal Moroccans.At the request of the home affairs ministry, the Dutch national police force last year issued a report ranking 181 municipalities according to the severity of the Moroccan problem there, Binnenlands Bestuur, a trade publication aimed at civil servants, reported on its website last Friday.
Dutch police listed a total of 14,462 Moroccan criminal suspects from all municipalities where five or more Moroccans were suspected of committing at least one crime in 2007, 181 cities in all. Police limited the list to Moroccans of whom it was “convinced they committed a crime,” the report, entitled Analysis of Moroccan perpetrator populations in Dutch municipalities, reads.
The list represents 8.1 percent of all registered suspects in the Netherlands, of whom 57.1 percent are native Dutch. The report does not mention any statistics regarding other ethnic groups. In absolute terms, Amsterdam leads the pack when it comes to ‘criminal Moroccans’: 2497 of the 14,844 arrested criminals in the Dutch capital were of Moroccan origin. Surprisingly, Gouda turns out to be the town with the biggest Moroccan problem in terms of repeat offences. Moroccan suspects between 12 and 24 years here commit an average of 1.4 crimes. The criminal Moroccan population is also relatively the largest in Gouda. Of all residents 12 years and older, 0.55 percent are criminal Moroccans.
According to the report, the home affairs ministry ordered the investigation at the behest of a convention of the mayors of 22 municipalities that took place in October 2008. The results have been used to distribute funds available to combat the problem.

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