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aklem said…

KGS…. im a covering Muslim woman, so who told u that what we wear is suffocating ?
However, it is NOT allowed for men or women in Islam to do boxing ! Its HARAAM meaning NOT PERMISSIABLE !
These people, like most, unfortunately make Islam look bad ! Trying to blend in with the crowd. We Muslims have our way of doing things & others have there’s, & we are NOT meant to try & water down our way, which is the SUNNAH (sayings,actions,& teachings) of our prophet Mohammad.
Im going to take this time to say that most of the Muslims/people that do the bombings are not on the right path of Islam. They are of the SUFIS, SHEIA, HANAFI, TABLEEKI, IT IS HARAAM TO DO SUICIDE BOMBINGS !
I must say that these are just a few groups that I know of that are on some different path of Islam.
There are 73 or will be 73 sects in Islam BUT only 1 sect is on the right path & our prophet Mohammad told us in his sunnah that it will be the sect that he & his companions are upon.
Our prophet told us that he is a BLESSED SALAF. So to be on the path of the SALAF is following the prophet of Islam in the BEST form. Most prefer to follow culture to the extent that it takes them off the right path.
I become REALLY angry when I watch these stupid programs about Islam with REALLY WEAK non-practicing Muslims, because they don’t show/tell the people, like YOURSELF bout REAL Islam & make a fool out of our religion by saying “this is ok, that is ok”, the men in tight suits with on beard & the women with half of hijaab or NO hijaab showing the whole of there hair, with plucked eyebrows, revealing clothes & tagalong behind the man lol ….
like we are oppressed !….
BUT, the TV producers know what they are doing soOoo on that note… I shall leave, enough said !…. Oh, please do not talk about something that you don’t know about ! cheers…
Sunday, 14 March, 2010

Hi Aklem,

Anyone with an ounce of a brain knows that being covered from head to foot in a bag, especially one with a face covering, is indeed suffocating. Trying to say, let alone prove otherwise, is laughable.
I could care less whether you’re a Salaf, Shiite, Sufi or Wahabbi, you all follow a highly destestable ideology that needs to be exposed for what it is, that being, a gross insult to world wide humanity. Islam is chiefly responsible for the retardation of human development in any society where it reigns supreme. As for suicide bombings, your fellow Muslims find no problem in justifying their deeds from the koran.
Funny how that is, when a Muslim follows a culture that differs from the one that Islam sponsors, the more likeable that Muslim is, and tolerant of others. The more a Muslim becomes in tune with his/her “inner Mohamed”, (follows the exact words and character of his desert warlord) the more intolerant and despicable he or she becomes.
The Tundra Tabloids knows more than the average Muslim about Islam, and finds what it has learned about Islam, to be highly revolting. KGS

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  1. LooooooL

    Errrrrrrrrrrrrrm, I don’t get it ? Where on earth did YOU learn that Muslims pray to our prophet ? We are not Christian’s yano…

    Wellll, to be fair, im not even sure if there are a sect of Muslims that pray to the prophet…U could be talking about a sect that are clearly going to the hellfire, for associating partners onto the most high..

    You are not meant to pray to the prophet & the Quran Teaches you to pray to ALLAH the creator of the heavens & the earth ALONE !!

    As for the paedophile comment…You are like SooOoo small-minded, I don’t even think your brain cells can manage my comments lov. lol

    SooOoo on that note… chow, 4 now.

  2. The way your fellow Muslims act, its the same as if they worship mohamed, whether your creed admits it, or condones it or not.

    Thats' the point.

    As for pedophilia, it's practiced, legitimized all around the Muslim world, don't even try to deny it. The Muslims who condone it, point to the your prophet as an example.

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