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This is what happens when a society adhere to an ideology that treats women as a sinful creatures, and fills men’s heads with sexually explicit delights while sanctioning the practice of polygamy. It creates a lot of sexually frustrated young shebab that take to sitting on street fences and watching the traffic walk by.
Islam creates a warped view of human sexuality, that starts with the very youg, with the seperation of females and males early on. The ideology of Islam also creates the honor and shame culture that’s represented in nearly every (if not all) Islamic country without exception. Yes the West has it problems, but nothing that compares to the destructive culture that Islam creates in every society it touches. KGS

NOTE: Placed under the category of Islam retards human nature:

Sexual Harassment in Egypt: Confronting a Pressing Social Problem

According to a study, 98 percent of the foreign women and 83 percent of the Egyptian women have at some point been subject to sexual harassment in Egypt. Often the blame is placed squarely on the shoulders of the victims. Mohammed Ali Atassi reports
Sexual harassment of women in Egypt is one of many social problems that politicians and the media have tended to treat as an instance of individual, abnormal behaviour. Because they treat it as an isolated aberration from proper social norms – falling outside the path, principles and traditions of a sanctioned way of life – Egyptian society as a whole does not need to confront it.
It took the courage of a few Egyptian women who exposed their own suffering to reveal the treatment many women routinely experience on the streets of Cairo. Simultaneously, a few civil society organizations, aided by alternative media outlets (blogs foremost among them), launched awareness campaigns aimed at transforming both the understanding and method of dealing with the issue, so that Egyptians would cease to view future incidents as isolated acts of perversion, and instead see them as components of a pressing social problem.

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