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The Tundra Tabloids reported a week ago on the French hamburger chain, Quick, that decided to strip pork products from its menu in order to serve the religious needs of the local population. They didn’t even bother to offer two kinds of sandwiches, one halal and the other with pork, so now the people are (justifiably) up in arms and beginning to show their anger over being force fed with sharia nonsense in their secular state. KGS
A herd of 70 dissatisfied pigs invaded Quick Halal Villeurbanne on Sunday morning. They intended to protest against the decision to remove the bacon burger and cons of the new offer Quick who now proposes that the halal its customers. It is unacceptable that a chain of “restaurants” which is largely Caisse des Depots et Consignations, in the French State, participates in the exclusion and segregation of the French in their own country.
A state that contributes to development in our territory of Muslim ritual slaughter which, remember, forbidden to stun the animals during their slaughter resulting in an unacceptable and unnecessary suffering in animals. Especially that To do this, Quick Payroll tax on Islamic certification of Halal products which are known to what used to finance Islamic proselytizing. And all this while that is no longer a pig in a growing number of school canteens and that prohibits the association of French Solidarity distributing pork soup to the needy.
The herd then left the school in song and will not hesitate to return to show his displeasure when Quick pig does not waive the Islamization of our country gourmet.
NOTE: We need more protestors like these good people.

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  1. This is brilliant! The French find they have balls after all. Love the pig masks too.

  2. As these fast food outlets as well as schools, restaurants and government cafeterias convert to halal food products they are effectively putting non-halal food producing companies out of business and the non-muslims that work there out of a job.

    This should be illegal. Sharia banking does the same thing in the financial sector, only worse because it also discriminates against any business or venture considered UN-islamic by disallowing loans or investments.

    This just shows AGAIN how islam is incompatible with western democracies. People don't realize the huge cascading effects these seemingly little changes have on our society.

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