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The Tundra Tabloids proudly announces the founding and grand opening of the Finnish Vapaan Sanan Yhdistys / The Finnish Free Word Association. The TT has found out that the Finnish Ministry of Justice is trying to get a loosely worded draft of legislation approved, by which forum sites, blog etc. operating in Finland, will be targeted for speech deemed unlawful by the authorities.
Here is an English translation of the text explaining the goals and aims of the new free speech society. The IFPS has now branched out to include Finland under its umbrella, in  the defence for the freedom of expression. KGS
Free word association started in the winter of 2010, since Finland lacks a convincing and strong, and exclusively dedicated to defending freedom of association. The establishing of the association was driven in particular due to the Ministry of Justice Task Force report on the tightening of the rules of punishment for racist crimes.
Free Word Association also aims to raise the social debate on matters in which the mass media remain silent. Finnish journalism suffers from the evil of political correctness, which as a result the people are no longer aware of socially significant events.
Free Word Association also aims to support communities and individuals whose freedom of expression have been violated.
The Free Word Association is part of the International Free Press Society, which acts as an umbrella organization, of the Danish Trykkefrihedsselskabet.

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