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Special thanks to Gaia for the links to these videos. Recommended 5, 9 and 13. KGS

1: Introduction Lord Pearson/Caroline Cox

2 Position on Dutch troops in Afghanistan


4. About co-operation between PVV and UKIP

5. How he is under threat/death threats/Iviews on Islam – retarded culture

6. Court Case in Holland

7. Pearson on Freedom of Speech and GW security arrangements

8. Reaction to FITNA in House of Lords

9. Re violence and hate. Mo was a “barbarian and pedophile”

10. Surveillance of mosques

11. Turkey in Europe

12. More re surveillance of mosques

13 More on Mo was a “barbarian and pedophile”

14 Islamic culture impeding on western identity

15 Re foreign funding of PVV

16 People free to leave

17 Pearson/Cox on Sharia

18 Jacquie Smith, Freedom of Information

19. BBC – Londonistan

20. How many attended FITNA screening?

21 Koran banning

22 Cordon Sanitaire

23 Koran v Donald Duck

24 Pearson/Cox – bullet proof car

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  1. Arius and Urban Infidel, you both are more than welcome. The more people are aware of what Wilders stands for, the greater his popularity and strength to the anti-Islamization movement.

    Thanks for the appreciation. KGS

  2. Geert wilders , you a hero to the west and a credit to your intelligence.It is so good to see your someone stand up and oppose this nefarious ideology, without fear. I would love you to come to australia, to awaken our hapless & inept leaders to open their eyes. I'm sick of anyone who speaks out being called racist or bigoted. Since when did a religion become a race ? We are heading down the same path as europe.

  3. Thank you for showing these videos. I'm from Sweden – yet another country where the inhabitans are becoming more and more frustrated by the politicians' cowardness and political correctness towards the exploding moslem popultation – since 1980, Sweden has taken in 1.5 million immigrants (out of a total population of 8 million at that time), a world record that we are very ashamed of, as the vast majority are moslem immigrants hell-bent in creating their own islamic enclaves within our borders.

  4. Fight the Fight people – we must bring this debate more to the public…in the bars with your friends or at the restaurant you must bring it to the public's attention. People dear the PC crowd will shout them down. Stand tall and argue rationally that these people threaten our very existence with their retarded culture. Our tolerance will be our own downfall.

    John, Dublin

  5. Steve, the TT wishes the Aussies all the best in standing tough against the Muslim horde. Smart immigration policies need to be implemented before things get beyond control.

    Swede, We Finns are watching your countrymen commit cultural suicide, and hope that you produce your own "Wilders" very soon.

    John, You make a lot of sense. Tolerance towards the intolerant is incredibly stupid and suicidal.

  6. Thx for posting these vids.
    Geert is a hero of mine and Ukip are attracting my vote by standing with him.

  7. Thankyou for showing these videos. As a citizen of the U.K. I feel that it is important that ordinary people should know that Geert Wilders is an intelligent and brave man, not a fascist or racist as has been portrayed by the British media. I believe that Mr Wilders' views agree with many ordinary, peaceful people in the U.K. who are not able to speak out against the dangerous, extremist Islamic religion for fear of abuse or even violence. These videos should be shown on national television in the U.K., not hidden away by our cowardly government.

  8. KAMAL

    GOD BLESS YOU MR Geert wilders

    I HOPE more people are aware of wha ISLAMS IS ? IS ABOUT KILLING

  9. Thanks Kamal, your support is well appreciated. Yes Islam is against Christianity and Judaism and everything else for that matter.


  10. a true hero.
    The problem in the UK is we have a strong following of the 'fashionable left' who CHOOSE to ignore every murder in the name of Islam. It's like they have never watched the news in their lifes.

    This guy could be last chance to save Europe from a Civil war from the very same Islamists which have been welcomed into the west.

  11. Great stuff, thanks so much for posting.
    I never even knew this even took place, i heard about him being banned from the UK last year.

    I am so glad this happend as it is a victory for free speech, we are lucky to have people like Geert in the world who can get there point across in an intelligent mannor telling the truth and protecting our way of life.

    God bless you Geert and everyone here who is awake and understand the real threat we all face from islam.

  12. You are more than welcome Ben, and your support for Geert is deeply appreciated.


  13. Thank you Geert, Baroness Cox and Lord Pearson.

    I am so grateful that you have the courage to stand and speak what everyone really feels…

    Mr Wilders, thank you for your courage, and I cry at times when I remember you still have to brave this kangaroo court, which was brought about by OIC in the first place.

    hope that Islam is crushed in the West and my grandchildren are allowed the freedom of expression as tey grow in a free society unplagued by Islamic bile.

    I would say "God bless you" if believed in God… all I can say is be of good courage our dear friend of the UK.

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