Diana West gives the Tundra Tabloids the heads up on the interview she participated in the other day. Great going Diana, one person, one interview at a time! She has this to say about it:
“Never heard of Russia TV before I went on Friday but hey, at least they’re interested in talking about the Wilders phenom — as opposed to some fair and balanced most trusted names in news I could mention. (Don’t miss host’s wrap-up equating Islamic imperialism & Western imperialism — the new moral equivalence?)”
The interviewer pretty much symbolizes the gross ignorance of the media in general concerning not only Islam, but of what their own Western culture and values represents. What a pleasure it was to see Diana take this young woman (professional?) by the hand and walk her through the most basic of talking points of why Islam, Islamization and what Europe is facing through mass immigration, is not such a good thing, and that there is no contradiction between believing in free speech, while trying to limit intolerant mobs of people from one’s own shores. Good job Diana, hopefully the lass will think on the things you mentioned. KGS

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