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The man is a disgrace, a hollow shell without morals. Every Armenian in America should descend upon Washington and bring every photo and newspaper clipping, big hand painted signs and loud speakers, and march through the streets of Washington and demand that this jackal recognize what the congressional committee voted in favor of, the recognition of the Armenian genocide at the hands of the Islamic caliphate in Turkey. But that’s just me. KGS
This true American had no problem calling
what the Turks did to the Armenians GENOCIDE
Ronald Reagan: But then again,
I wasn’t a lying socialist commie bastard either
US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has said the Obama administration will do what it can do block further progress of a controversial bill describing as genocide the killing by Turks of Armenians during WWI.
A US congressional committee narrowly approved the resolution on Thursday, paving the way for a possible vote on Capitol Hill.
But Mrs Clinton said the administration would ‘work very hard’ to prevent this.
Turkey voiced strong protests after the vote and recalled its ambassador from Washington for consultations.
The same congressional committee passed a similar resolution in 2007 but it failed to go anywhere after then-President George W Bush weighed in strongly against it.
Muslim Turkey accepts that many Christian Armenians were killed by Ottoman Turks but denies that up to 1.5m died and that it amounted to genocide.
The committee’s resolution urges President Obama to use the term genocide when he delivers his annual message on the Armenian massacres in April.
He avoided using the term last year although as a presidential candidate he said the killings were genocide.
Ronald Reagan was the only US president to publicly call the killings genocide.

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  1. Obama promised several Armenian organizations that he would recognize the Armenian genocide, and with the word genocide, but on April 24th 2009 he did not. I know that many Armenians worldwide are very upset over his betrayal.

    The Turkish government has a very extensive network of lobbyists and agents in the US that work to undermine recognition of the Armenian genocide. Many American VIPs are on the payroll of Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Saudi Arabia, promoting Muslim interests in the US, one of which is denial of the Armenian genocide.

  2. I agree with President O'Bama on this issue. Unfortunately, President O'Bama probably opposes the Congressional bill for all the wrong reasons.

    The Administration is worried about US-Turkey relations; not the truth.

    Turkey's drift toward Sharia deserves criticism. Branding the Turks for century-old history is no way to go about it.

    BTW, the leftists and commies who have been pushing this "genocide" branding for 50 years never seem to make mention of the ARAB participation in the Armenian massacres. Nor do these bleeding hearts ever mention the treatment of ethnic Armenians in Arab countries and Iran.

    The Congressional bill is just agenda-driven politics; not serious history. It's best for our government to leave it alone.

    Last but not least. If someone wants to criticize Turkey over the Armenian massacres, I would say that they shouldn't be so CHICKEN about studying the subject and seeking empirical evidence of what really happened. The Turks have long been more than a bit cowardly about legitimate study of the Armenian massacres and I think it's long time for that attitude to end.

  3. I couldn't disagree with you more TINSC.

    The UN Convention of December 18, 1948

    Article I. The Contracting Parties confirm that genocide, whether committed in time of peace or in time of war, is a crime under international law which they undertake to prevent and punish.

    c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.

    So I reject the notion that I'm jumping on the Left's bandwagon of promoting genocide, and that I've forgotten Arafat's incredibly insane and very easily refuted claims of genocide against Israel.

    That's not the case.

    TINSC, what you're doing here, is mixing apples with oranges. Looking at the UN's own definition of what constitutes genocide, please tell me how "inflicting destruction in whole or in part" does not fit the story line of what happened to the Armenians in Turkey.

    It's estimated that between 1.5 – 2 million of these people were butchered by the Turks. That's genocide, as much as it's genocide in Sudan, in Rwanda, and in the Congo etc..

    The noted historian Professor Efraim Karsh underlines my point in his book, Islamic Imperialism: A History">

    Quote: Whether or not there was a premeditated genocidal master plan, something that contemporary Ottoman leaders and latter-day Turkish politicians and academics would presistently deny, is immaterial. It must have occurred to the Ottoman leadership that the destruction of such a pervasive nationalist movement would inevitably entail suffering on an enormous scale, and that the forceful relocation of almost an entire people to a remote, alien and hostile environment amid a general war was tantamount to a collective death sentence. In the end, whatever their intitial intention, the Ottoman actions constituted nothing short of genocide.

    What the Turks did was genocide, and the lack of world interest in the Armenian genocide was something that Adolf Hitler took notice of, actually leading to him to believe that if Germany was successful in murdering all of Europe's Jews, world reaction would be the same.

    Hajj Amin al-Husseini was also impressed with the Turks actions, being an empirial officer in the Ottoman empire, he knew what was going on as well.

    The nexus between al-Husseini and the Germans was formed by the shared admiration for what the Turks "acheived" with their pesky Armenian population.

    The rest is history.

    Prof.Efraim Karsh, a scholar of Islamic and Middle Eastern history, who knows fully well of Arafat's propaganda tactics against Israel, but nonetheless flatly states that it was genocide, settles it for me.

  4. Yes Arius, the Turks, like the Saudis, have a very extensive network within the US to subvert the truth.

    Hopefully, like the reversal in trying KSM in New York, Obama will once again reverse a wrong decision.

  5. Thanks, KGS.

    Note that Hajj Amin al-Husseini joined the Ottoman army and was in Smyrna in 1915. You could say he cut his teeth on the Armenian Genocide.

    What most people like TINSC don't realize is that Turkey is already lost to the western alliance. Turkey is in the process of going full Islamic. It is now allied with Syria and Iran.

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