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Mona Sahlin’s verdict on Ilmar Reepalu – “He’s a good person.”

This creep of a mayor has dug himself in so deep that no amount of apologies and promises will be enough to overhaul his discredited image. The Tundra Tabloids’ advice: Just resign you fool, and that goes for the current head of the Swedish SDP, Monica Sahlin, the Hamas loving, Israel hating Leftist idiot who’s party is largely responsible for promoting a political climate in Sweden that gives legitimacy to Jew hatred. KGS

Representatives for the Jewish Community in Malmö have slammed the city’s mayor, Ilmar Reepalu, for his use of the term “Israeli lobby” in a Danish television interview.
“I encounter a great many people from what one could call the Israeli lobby, who are not interested in what I say and what I think, but who do want to attribute lots of opinions to me,” Reepalu said in an interview with Danish TV2.
Reepalu and the Jewish Community (Judiska församlingen) have been at cross purposes of late after the mayor drew parallels in newspaper interviews between anti-Semitism and Zionism.
He has also denied that there had been any attacks on Jews in the city despite police figures showing that violent incidents against Jews have doubled over the last year.
Reepalu responded to a call from Social Democrat party leader Mona Sahlin last week to engage in a dialogue with Malmö Jews, meeting with representatives last week. His latest comments on the Danish TV2 show Lorry have been met with consternation by the Jewish Community.
In a letter to Reepalu and Mona Sahlin, the Jewish Community representatives have expressed their disappointment with the mayor’s televised comments.
“This is the kind of wording used by anti-Jewish or anti-Semitic forces, who claim that it is the Jews who control the media,” wrote Fred Kahn and Fredrik Sieradzki.

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