A 9/11 Truther who had a grudge against the military and wanted marijuana to be legalized. Sounds like a left-wing nut job to me. KGS

Shooting suspect may have had 9/11 conspiracy

WASHINGTON (AP) – There are emerging signs that the suspect in a Pentagon subway station shooting may have harbored resentment for the military and had doubts about the facts behind the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
The suspect, John Patrick Bedell, died after exchanging gunfire with two police officers.
In an Internet posting, a user named JPatrickBedell wrote he was determined to see justice for the 1991 death of a Marine in California. The death was ruled a suicide but has long been the source of coverup theories. The writer said the case would be a step toward revealing the truth behind 9/11.
The user also railed against enforcement of marijuana laws.
The screen name can be linked to the suspect in Thursday’s attack through documents about a marijuana arrest that were posted on the site, which match the date of birth of the shooter and official court records available online.

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