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  1. "terrorist lawyers?" Is this what our political discourse has come to? Lawyers and the system have not changed much since John Adams defended–and secured acquittals for–the British soldiers accused of the Boston Massacre. What makes this nation strong is its principled adherence to the rule of law. To attack the lawyers in question is rank anti-Americanism, and stupid to boot–what do terrorists fear most? Not the waterboard, definitely not mouse-hearted wingnut manly-warbloggers. They fear the American principles, including full fair representation, trial by jury, the Bill of Rights, and dozens of other key values that Americans have died to protect. To attack these men and women over their proper participation in Bar-required service to unpopular defendants–which service, by the way, has rendered far more useful intelligence than any torture program through negotiated allocutions and plea deals–to attack them over their honorable and legal service, their capable and effective work–just astonishingly stupid and self-destructive. By the way, lots of smart conservatives think the video is a grotesque and dangerous political gambit, and the lawyers in question–the two who were 'outed' and will no doubt serve as feast food for wingnut vultures such as yourselves–have extremely strong records and strong recommendations from military lawyers.

    And one is a Republican.



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