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Paul Martin and Hamas

First of all, the Tundra Tabloids is no fan of Paul Martin, who helped stage scenes in Gaza for the radical Leftist Norwegian doctors, Gilberts and Fosse. That said, the Hamas should be presently feeling some pressure from the pen of the international media, most noticeably from the British BBC, with whom Martin was currently on assignment.
You can ask yourself why the international media isn’t currently making a major deal of the fact that, a free lance journalist working for the BBC has been arrested/detained by the Hamas, while on his way to appear as a witness in a court case? Go ahead, and ask yourself. KGS
Hamas has announced that the promised release from captivity today of British journalist and documentary filmmaker Paul Martin has been postponed. Martin was arrested by Hamas on February 14 in Gaza City as he arrived to testify at the trial of a Palestinian militant who defied Hamas by deciding to renounce violence against Israel. […]
For example, he produced the (largely-staged) scenes in a Gaza hospital in January 2009, in which the Norwegian anti-Israeli activist Dr Mads Gilbert made hysterical accusations against Israel. (That footage by Paul was then rebroadcast on the BBC, CNN and elsewhere). (See the note titled “Why is the media quoting Dr Mads Gilbert without telling viewers of his support for 9/11?” here at section 9.)
Paul Martin, who formerly lived in Cairo, has worked for a number of media over the years, including BBC TV and radio. Indeed he was last in Gaza six weeks ago on assignment for the BBC, and yet the almost complete silence of the BBC now on his fate is deafening. Contrast this to the near hourly mentions, day after day, week after week, by the BBC of their former Gaza correspondent Alan Johnston while he was held in Gaza in 2007.
One suspects that the BBC’s concern for Johnston was that he was “a BBC man through and through” (which included, naturally, demonstrating a deep sympathy for the Palestinian cause in his broadcasts) whereas Paul Martin, who now only works on a freelance basis for the BBC, has at least made some attempts to be critical of Hamas as well as of Israel.

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