Dhimmitude Fouad Twal Muslim-Christian Relations


Bishop Twal is represents Arafatian politics, not Christianity. What do you say about a person who’s supposed to represent a belief system that rests its credibility on presenting the truth, but who never speaks the truth about the totalitarians that rule the society in which he lives? 
This is a man who has seen Muslims muscle Christians out from their ancestral homes in the PA administered areas, like Bethlehem for an example,  by one means or another, and yet, keep his mouth shut to it all. Why should anyone believe anything Fouad Twal says?
This is a man of the cloth who believes Fattah was something that represented “moderation”, but in reality, Arafat’s Fattah is as blood thirsty as Hamas, seeks Israel’s destruction as eagerly as Hamas, as well as enforcing Islamic supremacy over Christian Arabs as much as Hamas. So exactly where is/was Fattah more moderate than Hamas? It isn’t, but that’s the lie Fouad Twal wants you to believe.
It’s really disgusting to see this creep talk about “honesty and truth”, while using his office to disseminate lies and obfuscations. If he were to “speak the truth”, you would hear the condemnation of fundamental Islam destroying the fabric of Christian Arab society, through persecution, intimidation and outright theft of their property and livelihood. But telling the truth isn’t what he’s about. KGS


AMMAN – ”If the politics of moderation do not pay, people look elsewhere, search for new ways, and also tries out the wrong ways and the international community, starting with Europe, cannot get away simply with the politics of assistance, we need the ‘politics of truth”’. The Patriarch of Jerusalem, Mons. Fouad Twal, narrates the choice taken by many Christians in Bethlehem to vote for Hamas extremists in the latest elections. The fact is that up to now ”moderation turned out to be useless, people sided with the radicals.
We are all aware of this, I’m the bishop and I’m aware of it, the international community is aware, everyone who did not do enough to help the moderates solve the problems is aware of it. So I ask myself who created Hamas? Who drove so many young people towards the radicals? The radicals of all sides are an obstacle to peace. The international community must intervene, Europe must do something, not only through assistance, it must be brave enough to tell the truth”.
The Patriarch stated that ”Europe did a lot for us, but always in financial terms; I wish Europe would also have a political role, which is what we are still missing. Europe assisted us financially, it still does so, but it left politics totally in the hands of the US and Israel, and a little to London. I wish that Europe, which we feel slightly closer to us, would stick its hands into this reality, to feel like a partner with the others”.

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  1. Bishop Twal is a slave to centuries of ingrained dhimmitude.

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