It wasn’t the Mossad
Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh:
I was ‘offed’ by the other Mahmoud
Too bad about disspointing all those who immediately thought the assassination of Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh was the work of the Israeli Mossad. in other words: “It’s got to be da Jooos” . The Tundra Tabloids, as well as Vlad Tepes are both on record, well over a week ago, as viewing Iran to have been the culprit all along.
TT: “The Tundra Tabloids however, believes that, while Israel’s role can’t be ruled out, it is also worthwhile to take a closer look at Iran. It’s very likely that Mahmoud al Mabhouh ran afoul with the Iranian regime, with Israeli citizens’ indentities having been stolen and used by the team that took Mabhouh out, that scenario looks the more plausible of the two.”
This report from PowerLine blog provides the following details:
“An additional complication came to light this week. If the assassination was a Mossad operation, would members of the assassination team have hightailed it to…Iran? In a brief article, the New York Times reported that the Dubai police released the names of 15 more suspects on Wednesday. For those keeping track, that brings the number of assassination team suspects to 26.
The Times reserved this “striking detail” for the sixth paragraph of its article: two of the new suspects, identified as Nicole Sandra McCabe and Adam Marcus Korman and carrying Australian passports, left Dubai on a ship bound for Iran. “The statement included no further information about the two suspects or why they would have gone to Iran.” The Times does not seek to assess the implication of this fact for the imputation of the operation to the Mossad.”

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Israeli Mossad agents don’t list Iran as their favored desitination when going on the lam. KGS

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