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No Baron, under Multiculturalism whites are not allowed to exist undisturbed, not even in the countries where they are the natives such as mine. Which brings us back to a discussion we have started here earlier. If you say that Western elites, or perhaps we should call them transnational oligarchs as “elites” is how they like to view themselves, are actively involved in dismantling their own civilization then you are quickly denounced as a “conspiracy nut.”
But consider how all Western oligarchs reacted to the democratic rejection of minarets in Switzerland: They immediately, from Washington to London, attacked the Swiss and began with thinly veiled threats against them. We often talk about “cultural suicide,” but in this well-documented case the Swiss did not want to commit national suicide; it is the transnational Western Multicultural oligarchs who want them to do so. This Globalist agenda is deliberate and well-organized, not accidental.
I am reluctant to use any Marxist words or phrases since I absolutely loathe Marxism, but in certain situations it may make some sense to employ the term “class.” There are many angles to use in order to understand what’s going on. On one level you can see it as a struggle where the ruling upper classes use mass immigration to intimidate the middle classes and keep them in line while depressing the wages of the underclass. The irony is that the upper classes in doing so are making common cause with the Marxists, who like mass immigration because it destroys the West and because they can use millions of people as guinea pigs for their experiments in social engineering. The ruling oligarchs of the Western world feel no ethnic loyalty whatsoever with other whites. On the contrary, they despise them. Our political system is broken.
I have used the term “neo-feudalism” or “bureaucratic feudalism” before. However, we should remember that feudalism was a necessary transitional stage in European history, and the nobles back then did not mass import Muslims and other hostile aliens to rape and displace their own people. Today’s oligarchs do.
One label that has been suggested for these people is transnational Socialits or transnazis. On one level this is good, but these days people often associate the prefix trans- with transsexuals and transvestites. Consequently, if you use the term “transnazi” many will picture a cross-dressing version of Hermann Göring.
I should add that I don’t think US oligarchs are much better than Western European ones. There is a lot of senseless anti-Americanism in Europe, but the truth is that the USA today is racist. Racist against whites, that is. Obama personifies the anti-white ideology of the transnational oligarchs which is now the ruling ideology of the Western world. As long as this continues to be the case, Western elites will be dedicated to the dispossession of whites worldwide.
If you think that is an exaggeration, consider the fact that the Labour Party in Britain has finally publicly admitted that they are deliberately flooding their country with immigrants with the specific intention of permanently altering its demographic composition. In all other places this would be considered ethnic cleansing of the native population, but in this case it’s fine and dandy since the natives are whites who have been successfully demonized, deconstructed and marginalized beforehand. And no, it’s not because of the British colonial legacy. The authorities are doing this to the natives in Finland, Norway and Sweden, too, even though we have no colonial histories. It’s because we are white and therefore have no right to exist.
Jens Orback, former Cabinet Minister for the Swedish Social Democrats, said during a radio debate that “We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us.” Bill Clinton has repeatedly bragged about the fact that whites will be turned into a minority in the USA. One of the leading Multicultural theorists in Scandinavia, Professor Thomas Hylland Eriksen of the University of Oslo, has stated in public that the (white) majority population must be deconstructed so thoroughly that it can never be called the majority again.
This is not a hidden conspiracy, nor is it a conspiracy theory that European authorities through the EU are purposefully flooding European countries with mass immigration in order to break them down. The latter policy is supported by American authorities, too. Perhaps you could claim that the European Union has adopted some of the bureaucratic structures of the Soviet Union, but the concept of mass immigration of alien peoples was adopted from the United States, not from the former Communist countries who never did this.
I don’t like the rehabilitation of Stalin, a monster who was responsible for the deaths of more whites during the twentieth century than anybody else apart from Adolf Hitler. However, the reason why Western oligarchs are so hostile to Russian leaders is not because these are Socialists, since most Western leaders themselves are international Socialists. Nor is it because Russia isn’t a democracy since neither is the EU, which is nevertheless supported by all Western leaders, including American “conservatives.” Nor is it because they object to Russia’s “imperialism” since Western leaders accept and actively aid Arabic-Islamic imperialism, even in their own countries. No, they hate Russia because the country is still dominated by white Christians who follow their ethnic interests instead of accepting their own ethnic destruction, as whites in Western nations are being forced to do by transnational Socialists and oligarchs.

NOTE: Fjordman: The essence of Multiculturalism is simply the unilateral destruction of white, Western nations and their European-derived culture. The Multiculturalists, who like to call people they disagree with “racists” or “Nazis,” have perfected the Big Lie propaganda technique employed by the Nazis. The idea that “diversity” and mass immigration by peoples from backward countries is “good for the economy” has to be one of the biggest lies ever told in world history.

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