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Signs of the European-Mediterranean project abound, with no doubt this latest project being funded by the Euro-Med intitiative. EuropeNews sends out this warning: “It is a project not subjected to public scrutiny, conceived before it was understood that Islamism is a threat to the free world, and based on blind and naïve assumptions on the goodwill of all involved parties. This is unworkable and dangerous in the current political situation.”
Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs has reported on the Euro-Med partnership extensively, and likens it more to of a suicide pact, than being just a “cultural exchange of ideas and relations”.
Atlas: “The Euro union will import an almost incomprehensible number of Muslims into Europe. 50 million laborers with families. By the year 2050 the Islamic population will be 25-30% of the Euro population. Perhaps over 100 million Muslims in Europe.”
There is far more to this organization than meets the eye, it’s the main reason why the EU, well known for spending exorbitant funds in the self promotion of itself (all done on the backs of the taxpayer), has nothing to say really about the project itself. If you ask anyone in the streets about the Euro-Med intiative, you’ll be met with blank stares, and that’s how the EU politibureauroc-rats want it. Like a mushroom, kept in the dark and fed a lot of manure. KGS
NOTE: The question remains, how much longer are citizens within the EU going to take this, before they rush the parliament in both Brussels and in their own perspective states, with pitch forks and axes, demanding their politicians be held accountable?


– CAGLIARI – A library dedicated to the Arab world in the heart of Cagliari will be opened between the end of 2010 and the first months of 2011, in the new Mediterranean media library which is under construction in the building of the former town market in Via Pola. The project, an initiative of the municipality of Cagliari and the Region, has already started: five thousand books in Arabic and French, received from North African countries, have already been catalogued. Novels, essays, but there is also a vast section for children.
The idea was born in 2005, but there have been several delays due to bureaucratic problems. The books are kept by the municipal administration of Cagliari for the moment. ”The capital of Sardinia” explained Cagliari’s cultural advisor Giorgio Pellegrini, ”can be seen as a natural bridge between North Africa and Europe due to its geographical location. The opening of the library, as well as many other initiative of the administration, move in this direction”.
The library will not only be a symbolic gesture of goodwill towards the culture of Arabic-speaking countries: Sardinia houses many immigrants from the North and Centre of Africa. There will be experts and mediators who know the language to help people find books. However, nothing is certain at the moment. The operational stage will start in the coming months, also from an organisational viewpoint. Cagliari will look at other cities, like Turin and Prato, which have organised similar projects.
”We have a dream” said Pellegrini, ”which would go well with this initiative: opening a school for foreigners with North Africa as its point of reference”. The Region has allocated 30,000 euros to the library of Arab culture, most of all to buy books. But more money is expected to come in. Meanwhile, Cagliari stays in contact with North Africa, through its participation in the 16th ”Maghreb of books” and a conference in June for the mayors of the main Arabic-speaking Mediterranean cities.

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