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This is exactly what the Iranians are aiming for. Once the Mullahs get the bomb, look for an upsurge in exported Islamic revolution (jihad) to spring up everwhere in the world, and unbridled oppression at home. KGS

Iran: Ahmadinejad aims for ‘global Islamic revolution’

Tehran, 23 Feb. (AKI) – Iran aims to spread its Islamic revolution beyond its borders, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad pledged on Tuesday. “The Islamic revolution’s final objective is global revolution,” Ahmadinejad said in a live televised address.
Ahmadinejad also vowed to “cut the hands” of Iran’s enemies if the Islamic republic was attacked.
“We will welcome a hand which has sincerely reached out for friendship, but if anywhere in the world a hand is extended for aggression against Iranians, the nation will cut it from the arm,” he told a rally from northeastern South Khorasan province.
Israel and the United States have not ruled out military strikes against Iran’s nuclear sites because they fear Tehran may use uranium to produce nuclear weapons.
In his televised broadcast Ahmadinejad said Tehran was not making a nuclear bomb and said Iranians did not need them.
Iran has warned it would go to war with is sworn enemy of Israel if the Jewish state acts to eliminate its nuclear programme as it did in 1981 in an air raid which destroyed Iraq’s Osriaq nuclear reactor.
Washington has also not ruled out military action if Tehran fails to curb its uranium enrichment programme.
Tension between Tehran and Western powers has increased since Iran began work on enriching uranium to a purity level of 20 percent, bringing it closer to the level required for making a nuclear weapon.

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