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The anti-democratic Left is pure poison. They’ll lie cheat and swindle their way into power, then allow mass immigration to help prop up their cruel rule. They’re blood suckers on the capitalist throat, and both of their deadly siblings, the communists and the fascists, play a game of Cain and Able in order to validate the others existence while Rome burns.
Calling Geert Wilders a “far-right” poltician tells more about the al-Reuters news organization than about the man himself, if he were an American politician, he would be called a conservative Republican. Such as it is here la lal land Europe, where anyone who doesn’t agree with his/her own colonization through the mass immigration of non-democratic friendly Muslims, as well as insisting upon the right to voice an opinion contrary to that of the EU politburo’s stated ”wisdon”, will be cast out into the outer darkness with the wailing and gnashing of teeth.  KGS 

Labour figure calls on others to keep Wilders out of govt

AMSTERDAM, Feb 23 (al-Reuters) – A Dutch Labour politician’s call to keep far-right conservative leader Geert Wilders out of a new government has stirred anger among other parties who consider the move undemocratic and likely to drive voters towards him.
Wilders and his Freedom Party have been a focus of debate since the Dutch cabinet collapsed on Saturday, as the election which could be held as early as May will be a key opportunity for the anti-immigration group to increase its influence after a stunning success at European elections last year.
Frans Timmermans, a member of the Labour party and minister for European affairs, said on Monday that Labour would refuse to govern in coalition with Wilders’ party, and he called on other parties to consider a similar approach.
So far the CDA and VVD have left the door open to be in a coalition with Wilders. But in recent polls, just 27 percent of respondents said their reaction to a combination of the three in a cabinet would be ‘positive’ or ‘very positive’.
Wilders, who believes that Islam is a violent religion and what he calls the Islamisation of Europe must stop, has consistently challenged the established order with his ferocious debating style, often accusing the government of cowardice.
He set up his own party after he was forced out of the VVD, and has lived under guard since 2004, when a Dutch-Moroccan killed filmmaker and Islam critic Theo van Gogh.
He has rallied support amongst many Dutch people who are uncomfortable with the rapid changes in their country, and has filled the void left by populist Pim Fortuyn who had called for an end to immigration before he was gunned down in 2002.

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