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Here’s another example of a complete moron (an anonymous moron by the way) who knows he hasn’t a chance in backing up anything he says about the Arabs’ conflict with Israel, so he’s reduced to using schoolyard antics that could be compared to 10 year old scream double dumbass and bla bla bla with his fingers stuck in his ears.
This is more than typical of the Left, whether it comes from anonymous commentors, or from journalists like Finland’s YLE, Hannu Reime, you can bet that before long, after running out of excuses, they call you a racist and then disappear. That’s ok, no matter how child-like they behave, it’s always a chance to enlighten the rest of the readership on what is exactly the case concerning the Arabs’ war with Israel.
Here’s the drive-by comment from Mr.Anonymous (the TT has a strong suspicion on who it actually is):
Mr.Anonymous: So, thats how you Jewish Haters justify genocide of a nation? There are some that dress their kids up? So you think its ok to indiscriminately bomb them? Justified Genocide huh? You are so lost in your own hate you can’t tell up from down. Friend from an enemy. Your own left from the right. I feel sorry for you. Catch up with you later

Genocide of a nation?

Palestinian growth rate (3.422%, 39.45 births/1,000 population 2006 est.)

Finnish growth rate  (0.098%    10.38 births/1,000 population 2009 est.)

So much for the canard of “genocide” of the Arab people in Gaza and in the ancient Jewish areas of Judea and Samaria. Their demographic numbers are increasing not decreasing, but that matters little for thes mental midget anti-Israel ankle biters. No need to feel sorry for me, I’m not the one making a complete fool out of myself, like you pathetic apologists for terror. KGS

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  1. 1948 650.000 Palis, 2009 4.600.000 Palis

    nice genocide

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