France Islamization Quick Hamburger Chain


TwoeyesX: “The French burger franchise Quick has taken pork off its menu in certain cities in France to attract Muslim customers who cannot eat pork products. But the move has sparked uproar among politicians from across the political spectrum.”
Man interviewed in the vid: “The taste isn’t really the issue, it’s a moral issue, we should be able to choose.” Exactly right, the complete removal of pork from the menu (besides the halal issue which is another matter as well) is a clear example of Islamization.
The hamburger chain and those Muslims supporting its decision, are not even trying to put up false mirrors and blue smoke, in their all out, in-your-face move to force Islamic mores upon the host society. The Quick hamburger chain should be boycotted until it re-introduces pork into its menu. KGS

H/T: V.Tepes

UPDATE: Radu Stoenescu on France 24 on Halal burgers in video exchange with Halal supporting dhimmi:
Halal burgers: a quick way to win customers?

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  1. YES! Another impaler of Islam, thanks for pointing that out! KGS

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