Eirik Eiglad:I once was blind,
but now I only have cataracts!
Last year’s riots in Oslo (2009) over the Gaza war, were covered by the Tundra Tabloids, as well as the subsequent brouhaha over the actions of a member of the Norwegian government, Kristin Halvorsen, for her role in participating in the demonstration while shouts of “Death to the Jews” were being hurled by members of the crowd.
The Minister of Finance, Kirstin Halvorsen
 The sign reads “The greatest axis of Evil, USA and Israel
The Norwegian Minister of Finance, Kirstin Halvorsen, at the time, insisted that the event was a demonstration for peace, and did not shout nor hear anyone else shouting “death to the Jews”. But the Tundra Tabloids was sent this picture by a source named “Brent”, which was then picked up by others in the Norwegian media, which tells a different tale of the ‘peaceful intent’ of the demo.
No other acting member of a European government (to the TT’s knowledge) has ever participated in an anti-Israel event, so this places Halvorsen’s actions in a completely different category: Active incitment of another fellow democracy by a member of a national government. This is Norway.
Video captures demonstrators trashing a police vehicle

What took place afterwards in the war of words between the Norwegian government/media and the Jerusalem Post and the JCPA’s Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld, (Ed: Behind the Humanitarian Mask) should be the subject of another book entirely. The Tundra Tabloids was caught up in the middle of it due to a J’lem Post article it republished that was later retracted by the paper. It became the sole source for the brouhaha between the Norway and Israel.
Now that’s the back drop to the story of the riots and what took place afterwards, this book review however, is another chapter in the ongoing story of what’s wrong with Norway, the poster child of humanitarianism that can’t understand nor accept any criticism of its anti-humanitarian and bigoted ways.
Remember folks, we’re dealing with a very entrenched mindset here, these are Leftists who believe that their political affiliations act as an automatic inoculation vaccination against the virus of bigotry and antisemitism. They are truly blinded by their own sense of self righteousness and humanitarianism that they can’t see the trees for the forest.
First of all, the author of the book, Eirik Eiglad, should be commended for a book (that the TT has yet to read) that tells of what actually took place during the riots in Oslo, the antisemitism seen on the streets and the unwillingness of the Norwegian political elite to come to terms with it all. Ben Cohen at Z-Word writes:
Eirik Eiglad is neither Israeli nor right-wing but a left-wing Norwegian. His book “The anti-Jewish riots in Oslo” punches great, gaping holes not only in the conspiracy theory Støre so eagerly grasped after in January. Ms.Waage’s story of right-wing Israelis conducting a smear campaign against Norway is simply blown out of the water, quite simply because even if there was such a conspiracy it could not possibly “orchestrate” a left-wing activist such as Eiglad, who refuses to be orchestrated even by the movement to which he himself belongs – the Norwegian left. Yet the value of Eiglad’s short treatise goes beyond the dismantlement of a conspiracy theory. It pierces to the very core of Norway’s perception of herself as a righteous nation whose criticism of Israel is motivated entirely by humanitarian concerns.
All true. With damage control in mind, as well as the outright refusal to come to terms with what actually ails its society, the Norwegian politicos took to conspiracy mongoring, blaming people such as, Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld, for supposedly conjuring up false images of Norwegian society to deligitimize its criticism of hte Jewish state.
The Norwegian media was also full of self righteousness and victimhood, as it took to lambasting the J’lem Post for initially getting the particulars to a story wrong, concerning Halvorsen. No, she did not utter the words, “death to the Jews” as the J’lem Post originally reported, she was in a crowd that was shouting it. But the Israeli paper went great lengths in correcting its mistake, by issuing updated versions, then pulling the story altogether, and writing a new one in its place.
When has the Norwegian media ever done the same? All of the half truths and outright lies about Israeli politicians that have been printed in its media, when has the Norwegian media done anything similar to what the J’lem Post did? If they had done so, the Israeli media would have reported it, because that would have indeed been newsworthy.
Now here is one of the more noteworthy excerpts from Ben Cohen’s review of Eiglad’s book:
Author Eirik Eiglad is the editor of Communalism, a journal which reports as its purpose to “provide a forum for the exposition of Communalism as a viable political alternative”, and his political outlook on life is made glaringly obvious on almost every page of “The anti-Jewish riots in Oslo”.
While watching a pro-Palestinian attack on a completely peaceful pro-Israel peace rally, Eiglad finds himself caught between “hell and a hot place, between Hamas supporters and the Christian Right“. Later in the book, Eiglad and a friend reminisce over the good old days of the pre-Hamas intifada, when the Palestinian struggle could still be perceived as a noble cause. The political right-wing is consistently portrayed as xenophobic rabble rousers, and when Behind the Humanitarian Mask (Ed:Manfred Gerstenfeld, JCPA) makes the list of recommended reading it is “despite the conservative focus of many of its contributors”. For an appendix, this kind of warning is rare.
To really show his colours the author at one point even admits to having participated in Blitz and AFA “mobilisations” against neo-Nazis. This is less than savoury. For the first thing Blitz and AFA indiscriminately apply the badge of neo-Nazi to anyone they take a dislike to. For the second, during the riots in Malmö in 2009 AFA fought shoulder to shoulder with the very neo-Nazis it proclaims to be fighting against, merely in order to stop an Israeli citizen from playing tennis. Rather than being anti-fascist, AFA is basically a rivalling outfit. For Eiglad to unashamedly admit to contacts with such a group is breathtakingly worrying and indicative of the dire moral straits in which the Norwegian left finds itself.
The Tundra Tabloids has been saying the very same thing about the AFA and other like minded organizations, they are nothing more than a mirror image of those they are supposedly against, their use of intimidation and violence is a dead give away. Again, what we are witnessing here, is a classic battle between two factions of the Left, the radical socialists called Anti-fascists and the Neo-Fascists/Nazis.
Their world view is amazingly similar: anti-Capitalist free-market economies, anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-corporation and for those who deem themselves to be on the “traditional Left” increasingly antisemitic and pro-Islam. This is a theme repeated by the TT time and again. It’s a good sign that Z-Word is as troubled with the AFA as those of us in the Counterjihad.
The Tundra Tabloids hopes that “perhaps others who read about this will get it also”, and start looking at Norway through a different lense, and holding them acountable, as well as viewing Neo-Fascism/Nazism as a Left-wing ideology, and the AFA and ilk, holding nothing of value for our western society, and should be shunned as the Neo-Nazis they protest. KGS

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