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Hamas treats its people with contempt

Oh, but wait, the Leftie orgs around Europe that cry and whine about the embargo against the Hamas run enclave, are the first to tell you how much of a “humanitarian organiztion” it is. They have this “top notch social services” infastructure that’s to die for. Yeah the Norwegian comedy team of:

Dr.’s Mads Gilbert & Fosse

 were at the forefront of westerners shilling for Hamas, about what a bunch of swell guys they are, you know, “freedom fighters”. Yeah, the Hamas is a different kind of freedom fighter organization, they intimidate their own people, rob from them and put them into harms way to score brownie points with bozo Scandinavian stooge doctors like the two morons justs mentioned.
Yeah…. freedoms fighters…..
this is how Arab freedom fighters in Gaza behave:
Shove its opposition off tall buildings to their deaths.
The next time people in the street come up to you and ask donations for the poor people of Gaza, make sure you remind of just what kind of regime is in power there, and are taking advantage of the people, and all in the name of being “freedom fighters. KGS

Egyptian police seized more than three tons of explosives set to be smuggled into the neighboring Palestinian Gaza Strip, a security official said on Wednesday.
Security officers found the TNT on Tuesday concealed in 79 large bags in Sarsuriya district near the Rafah border crossing with Gaza, the official said.
Residents had tipped off police about the 3.5-ton cache, which had been prepared for smuggling through one of the many underground tunnels linking Gaza with Egypt.
Cairo has stepped up its efforts to close the tunnels, which are mainly used to send food and other goods to the impoverished Palestinian enclave, under blockade since the Islamist Hamas movement took it over in 2007.
Egypt is building an underground barrier to cut them off, after repeated efforts to find and demolish them, along with Israeli air strikes, failed to end the thriving smuggling trade.
Smugglers in Sinai say most of the tunnels, which are licensed on the Palestinian end by Hamas, are used to smuggle contraband, but Hamas operates a few used solely for weapons.

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