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Here is a newly transcribed video uploaded by Vlad, showing the late Dutch politician, Pym Fortuyn, showing his frustration with the political correctness that’s ruining the Netherlands. The very same kind of vilification of the late Fortuyn by the Dutch political elite, is being used against the Dutch politician, Geert Wilders.

Here Pym Fortuyn predicts his own demise, all due to the way the Dutch political machine is demonizing him, in order to safeguard their pet multi-cultural project through mass immigration.

As the Baron correctly points out: “It is obvious that the official Dutch establishment has marked Geert Wilders for the same fate that befell Pym Fortuyn. For all practical purposes Mr. Wilders has been outlawed, and offered up as a fair target for anyone who can get past his bodyguards and take him out.”
This is as serious as it gets ladies and gentlemen. When the powers that be work actively at self preservation at the expence of common sense and logic and the people, this is the kind of repsonse to expect. They, the polítical elite, have utter contempt for the democracy they have sworn to uphold and to protect, and place themselves above the law. We live in a tyrrany.
Time for people to watch what has happened behind closed doors and demand accountability from their elected officials, as well as demanding a limited role for government. That means drastic cuts into the “nanny state” and the role the government plays in the private sector. The acceptance of socialism in Europe has led to the dire straights society finds itself in. That, more than anyother factor is responsible for the current mess fostered upon the good people of Europe. KGS

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