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The real loony far-Right, (read = not fascists) are comprised of the radical Ron Paulites and like ilk, who share the same affinity for nihilism as the far Left, in their shared world view of drastically scaling back US presence around the globe (that actually safeguard its own self interests) as well as doing the same to US institutions and corporations domestically. In that, the radical far Left and Right have a shared agenda. This report at Front Page Mag expalains:

Glenn Beck:
“Do you believe the government was any way involved with the bringing down of the World Trade Centers on 9/11?”
Debra Medina:
“I don’t, I don’t have all the evidence there, Glenn. So I don’t I’m not in a place, I have not been out publicly questioning that. I think some very good questions have been raised in that regard. There are some very good arguments, and I think the American people have not seen all of the evidence there. So I’ve not taken a position on that.”
Hearing that the mental jury of the would-be Governor of Texas was still out, Beck sent Medina packing. Her supporters massed in cyber-mobdom to howl, “Single- issue foul! Neo-con Set-up!” to no avail. Post-interview polls indicate that Texans grasp that Medina’s entertaining 9-11 Myths indicates a lack of reason- a faculty required to govern the second largest state in the Union.
Medina’s political activities include working with Ron Paul’s 2008 Presidential Campaign. Her political convictions earned her an interview by high-priest of paranoid Libertarianism, Alex Jones. Medina’s response to Beck and her post-interview retraction were a duplicitous attempt to simultaneously please the Tea Party and the Tea Pauly.
Clashes between Ron Paul Revolutionaries and “we mindless pawns of our NWO masters” have echoed in the virtual halls of NewsReal. Few subjects provoke comparable passion and acrimony. Why? The answer is illustrated by Medina’s dissimulation about her true ideological orientation, the iceberg of which her “Truther Faith” is but the tip. Beneath its exhortation to “return to the Constitutional Republic the Founders intended,” the Ron Paul Revolution is animated by the ideological reflexes that drive Leftist radicals. We push-back against the creed of the Paulists because its consequences hardly differ from those of the Leftist agenda we normally confront.
I assert such a similarity after providentially finding a profound analysis, a veritable blueprint of the Paulist mind, provided by David Horowitz in Why the Left (and Timothy Burke) Can’t Handle the Truth. Mr. Horowitz designates the two fundamental dispositions of the Leftist mentality – utopianism and a nihilistic ambition to destroy the Capitalist West.
Horowitz explains:

“The left’s “original sin” is utopianism… It is the left’s utopianism that has produced its “anti-Western predispositions”… the belief in an alternate world to replace the one into which he has been born.

Those identifying themselves as Constitutional Republicans, as did Medina, dream of a profoundly transformed America. In this “Constitutional Utopia,” free from the “military-industrial complex,” America would no longer be controlled by greedy corporations and global bankers who plunder the world. Freedom fighters everywhere “would no longer be terrorists since America wouldn’t be an occupier.” We would withdraw to pristine isolationism, a Daniel Boone wilderness with virtually no government involvement in our lives. Of course, initial massive government regulation would be needed to bring about the country’s liberation from the Big Corporations now enslaving us. Once the people are free from the Military-Industrial neo-cons, power would be returned to the small businesses and individuals.
Nihilism is the second element of the Leftist mind-set, it is the bitter hatred for any manifestation of American world intervention. Withdrawal of American military influence is a common theme for the Drs. Paul and sympathizers.

Horowitz points out:

“Today the Left is still divided over its plans for the future, but these plans pale into insignificance in the face of its real passion which is its nihilistic antagonism towards the United States the metropolis at the center of the global capitalist system, and Israel, its imperialist pawn in the Muslim world. The left’s overweening hatred of global capitalism – “globalization” – which is its energizing force, explains how it can make alliances with Islamic fundamentalists who share the same enemy.”
“In the section of Unholy Alliance called The Mind of the Left, I show how this psychological trope distorts and energizes the vision of leftists across the political spectrum…I explain how the left’s religious need for a social redemption overcomes such differences and forges the coalition which includes…Islamofascists as well. This coalition is most obvious and visible in the global crusade of Islamist fundamentalists and secular leftists to produce a second Holocaust of the Jews in the Middle East.”
Mr. Horowitz set out to explain why disparate Leftists put aside conflicting political agendas to unite against the War in Iraq. He could easily extend the boundaries to include those following the Ron Paul Revolution. Dr. Rand Paul spoke of forming a coalition with the Left to “defeat the Military-Industrial Complex,” a move that would eliminate America’s presence in the Middle-East, contributing as effectively as the Left to the Holocaust of which Mr. Horowitz wrote.”
Aside from viewing corporate America as inherently evil, (as well as the highly vaunted military industrial complex) the agenda of the radical wing of the Libertarian party mirrors that of the radical Left, and needs to be opposed by all US conservatives, rooted out and exposed for what it is, nihilism. They are an embarressment to the conservative movement, kudos to Glenn Beck for exposing Debra Medina for the 9/11 Truther that she is. KGS

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  1. Hi K,

    I am afraid you fail to demonstrate that they are a threat to the US and its interests, or may be you have a different view of the interests if the US than they.

    I have read his Manifesto and I have to say that I agree with him on most issues. I find amazing that you compare them with the “left”. This statement is utterly unfounded: “the Ron Paul Revolution is animated by the ideological reflexes that drive Leftist radicals”.

    What you call the “withdrawal of American military influence” is, in my opinion, simply putting an end to the suicidal policy of invading their home and inviting them to yours. I think that the experience in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan should be more than enough. In any case, the reality will soon bring back the “internationalists” to reality.

    I think the “nation building” policy is secular messianic insanity. And linking the national interests of 300 million people to the interests of a country with 6 million people, situated several thousand Km away and surrounded by hundreds of millions of enemies is also insanity. Mere insanity in that case.

    Of course, this just my opinion. It is a pity that the most powerful country (for the moment being) follows suicidal policies. Let us hope that if we Europeans decide to put an end to the current invasion we will not get the treatment given to the Serbs.

    In any case. Good luck.

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