Harems Islamic Slave Trade Sweden


The Tundra Tabloids was recently sifting through some photos taken during a trip to Stockholm last year, and came across this picture taken from the street of a gallery window. Being curious as to the background of the painting, I looked up the painter’s name, Frans Wilhelm Odelmark, and searched for the painting he created back in 1906.
What comes to mind is the history of Islamic slavery that is so conveniently left unreported by many within the halls of academia, the media and within the UNHRC andother branches of that organization. Truth be told, the OIC and Arab League have quashed any attempts to re-discover Islam’s role in the slave trade. 
This picture tells a tale of a thousand words, and it comes from a early 20th century Swedish painter, who painted extensively Islamic themed paintings, unfettered with the political correctness that plagues our modern age. KGS
NOTE: It’s not by accident that the concubine/sex slave is lilly white, most likely a European slave girl.

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