Janne Virkkunen to retire!
You might think that the Tundra Tabloids is being a bit too hard on the exiting idiot-in-chief, but let me tell you something, under Virkkunen’s administration at the bird cage paper (known to many as “Pravada”) the Hell-singin Sanomat, was nortoriously anti-Israel, disseminating one false story after another about the Jewish state. The Hell-singin Sanomat averaged at least one story about Israel or the conflict every 1.3 days, with the overwhelming percentage of them highly negative towards Israel.
Jester Virkkunen, idiot-in-chief of the Hell-singin Sanomat, pictured above, dished up during his 19 year administration, one anti-Israel editorial after the other, as well as his foreign news department being a bastion of ill will towards the Jewish state, and then denies it has nothing to do with antisemitism.
The Tundra Tabloids knows Finnish journalists sympathetic to the Israeli position, who have worked at the HS newsroom, and have verified what the TT has known all along, a large portion of the material used in their reporting comes from the biased BBC and the corrupted wire services. Also of equal importance is the anti-Israel atmosphere at the HS foreign news department, that was noticed by these visiting journalists, who couldn’t help noticing by the way, copies of Noam Chomsky books lining the shelves. 
Good riddence to Virkkunen, hopefully the next editor-in-chief will be a vast improvement over this elitist snob, who was once described to the TT as being an elitist nincompoop, charging high priced meals and living and extravagant life style while abroad in Holland, all on the Sanomats’ tab. KGS
Nordic region’s largest-circulation daily, Helsingin Sanomat, will have a new Senior Editor-in-Chief and publisher as of the beginning of April. Both jobs will be held by Mikael Pentikäinen, 45, who has been CEO of Sanoma News since 2004. The division publishes Helsingin Sanomat, Ilta-Sanomat and dozens of other titles around Europe.
Pentikäinen has previously worked as a political report at the paper and as editor-in-chief of the Finnish News Agency and the provincial paper Etelä-Saimaa. As editor, Pentikäinen replaces Janne Virkkunen, 61, who has held the post since 1991. He will be in charge of special projects until his retirement at the end of the year.

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