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Chairman of the Russian Council of Muftis
is Hamas’ second home
Mufti Ravil Gainutdin:
I’m as moderate as Hamas

Moderate active Muslims and Islamonazis, who can tell the difference between the two? Come on those of you who believe in moderate Islam, tell the Tundra Tabloids, just where the big difference lies between those we call “radical Muslims” and those Muslims who claim the mantle of “moderation”?
It’s the Tundra Tabloids’ position that the difference between the two actually boils down to the splitting of hairs, because when one enquires deeper into the ideology of “both camps”, (and I have done so on countless occasions) there’s more that they agree with than disagree with. Moderate shmoderate my eye.
Let’s be honest here, the term “moderate Islam” is a euphamism used by people who are either entirely ignorant of Islam, or by those who are too much of a coward to view things as they actually are. But please do drop a comment if you think you got it all hashed out and can prove me wrong beyond a shadow of a doubt. I can’t wait. KGS

Head of Russia’s Mufti Council Ravil Gainutdin agreed on “mutual help and cooperation” with the HAMAS Palestinian movement, the Council’s website reports.
“Muslims of Russia take the situation in Palestine with sore heart. We speak out to condemn the policy of Israel aimed at expanding occupation of Palestinian land,” Gainutdin said on Tuesday in Moscow at the meeting with Chairman of the HAMAS political bureau Khaled Mashal.
The Movement’s delegation visited Russia on the invitation of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.
Speaking at the meeting, Mashal called the Russian Mufti Council the “second home” for him and his associates. “Every time we come to Russia, a visit to the Mufti Council is an essential part of our program,” he said.
After a meeting, the parties conducted a prayer in the Moscow Cathedral Mosque.

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  1. Damn it, very discouraging news! There were always good relations between Jews and majority of Muslims in Russia, especially with Russian Tatars (people who can truly be called moderate Muslims). Tatars that immigrated to Israel voluntarily serve in IDF despite having the option of not serving on account of being Muslims, they even created a pro-Israeli website that strives to bring Jews and Tatars even closer than they already are (there are a lot of mixed Tatar/Jewish couples in Russia). What I'm afraid most of is the infiltration of Saudi radical teachings into Russian Muslim communities that began after the fall of Soviet union (this imam is clearly an example of Saudi religious school education). Such cancer must not be allowed to spread among our Tatar and other Russian Muslim friends and neighbours!!! When you're close to loosing any hope that there are normal Muslims in this world (sometimes I loose it too, mostly concerning Arabs), remember Tatars an others. Thank you for keeping this blog alive and informing us about the news that pc folks won't touch!

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