Jews in Finland


In the nanny state that is Finland, where every aspect of a person’s private life is defined by the state, the Finnish courts take on the grand case of a mishap circumcision, where a Mohel from the UK preformed a circumcision in Helsinki, and afterwards the boy developed a bleed.

Of all the non issue cases, this is one of them. In an age where civil liberties are being encroached upon by the state, freedom of speech trounced by the moronic judicial system and by equally moronic civil servants and the state bureaucracry, the state of Finland needs to stick its nose into a situation where no ill will was intended, and no loss of life or injury incurred. The TT is still waiting for the Finnish courts to discover its very first case of Muslim clitorectomy, or underage (illegal) marriages. KGS

NOTE: “Never buy gribenis from a Mohel”. Robin Williams

Parents accused of boy’s circumcision

Helsinki District Court deliberates today in a case linked to eight-day old baby boy’s circumcision.The indictment is aggravated assault or incitement by the boy’s parents. A rabbi was called from England to circumcise the Jewish baby on the premises of the synagogue. Later, the son started to bleed and the parents took him to the hospital. According to the guideline of the Supreme Court a son may be circumcised for religious reasons. The District Court decides today over who can do the surgery.

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