Bomb scare at Dutch train station

February 9, 2010

In Den Bosch, a city in the southern part of the Netherlands, both the train station and a number of houses adjacent to it have been evacuated after a bomb scare on Tuesday morning.
A spokesperson for the Dutch railways has said that there was a bomb aboard the train, however, the police hasn’t confirmed this, and maintains that they are still searching for the bomb.
The incident began when a man traveling on board the intercity from Roosendaal to Zwolle announced that he was carrying a bomb. The man has been taken into custody and all train traffic to and from Den Bosch has been halted until further notice.
Vlad Tepes: This is the first youtube video anyone is aware of, of the arrest of the Muslim bomber (Yes the suspect was a Muslim and made references to 9-11 Etc.) wh terrorized a train in the Netherlands.

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