Meanwhile, in England, there is a group that had formed a decade ago, and had their numbers been large enough, could have done so very much good.

This is the exact sort of group that if hundreds of thousands of people would openly join it right now, could nearly guarantee a peaceful future by putting pressure on governments to take the measures neccesary to prevent Muslim groups from doing what they are doing at the committee level and every other political way they can within Canada to implement sharia laws and undermine the Canadian way.

One Law for All is a fantastic group of secularists and ex Muslims who wish to preserve a secular liberal England. And while they do have a presence at events usually with very witty signs and truly wonderful people, I have to ask myself, ‘is this too little too late?’ Below please see the speakers for their recent event attended by over 70 people.

Eeyore for Tundra Tabloids

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