France multiculturalism Rapper


One of the lyrics “sound of a rage of his cage” says it all about this moron’s rap vid. Reinhard says: I can make out “f**k the States”, but it’s mostly gibberish. It’s insulting to every French person who ever lived by calling the language he’s using….French.

Anyone notice a head banging bruise on his forehead?

YouTube bio: THE new clip Kamelancien censored by French Cut ..Finally a rapper who takes his positions …Another clip that is going to speak …

But wait, there’s dissension in the ranks of his followers, who notice his rage against the US while his prior rap songs mentions 501 Levi jeans. Hypocrite!  KGS

“julio1986INC: in your clip you burn out the flags of the states…it’s strange in one of your songs you say “jeans 501 .. a pair of TN …I like the old kamel….you contradicted yourself  … if you don’t like the states you would not buy a levis jeans and buys much less Nike….”

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