The Tundra Tabloids underlines the fact that present day Islamic culture (as well as throughout its history) is permeated with calls for murders. This is a crime permeated culture and it cannot be stressed enough that those who ignore it, while they support it, are not only humanitarian racists, they are accomplices in the crime. KGS

Vlad Tepes: “The following description was provided to me by Croscream, someone who is working very hard for the preservation of the enlightenment in The Netherlands.
The Moroccan Muslims form the most criminal and violent subset within Dutch culture and this is reflected by the Dutch often not referring to the deportation of Muslim criminals but Moroccan criminals.
This young boy represents a element within the Muslim street-scene, which mixed hiphop culture, traditional Berber values and Islam into a violent mix similar to the Pakistani presence in Britain and the Algerian one in France.
Boys like these form a large minority within the Moroccan ethnic group and his opinions and those of his friend do represent those of many of his kinsmen: Together with Turkish Muslims they make up the main threat to the safety of homosexuals, trans-gendered, Jews, Hindus and the elderly.
Committing everything from petty thefts, to drug-trade, gang related murder, and rape, young people like these consider themselves to be Muslims first, Moroccans second, and never Dutch, and use Islamic values as an excuse.
Since the so called Islamic renaissance, more and more of these young people feel attracted to the mosque and other traditional Islamic institutes and some studies have shown that the Muslim population in the Netherlands is locking itself away in ghetto’s or enclaves and is increasingly growing more radical.
The path this young boy takes, is a path many of his own people have taken.”

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