This is the kind of court Geert Wilders is facing. KGS

UPDATE: Pam has this: The Mufti gets away with mass murder, and 65 years later the Muslims are running the show in Europe. You couldn’t make this stuff up. Meanwhile, David and Goliath plays out in a courtroom in Holland. Thank G-d for Wilders. Back this man. Support him with every breath in your body. He fights for you.

Gates of Vienna has this:

Wilders’ reaction to the decision:Geert Wilders: No fair trial

The Amsterdam District Court apparently doesn’t want to hear the truth about Islam. Nor is it interested to hear the opinion of top class legal experts in the field of freedom of expression. In one swift move, the Court brushed aside fifteen of the eighteen expert-witnesses the defence had requested to be summoned.
Only Hans Jansen, Simon Admiraal and Wafa Sultan were allowed to be heard as expert-witnesses. Their testimony will be heard in a session behind closed doors. Apparently the truth about Islam must remain a secret.
Geert Wilders: “This Court is not interested in the truth. This Court doesn’t want me to have a fair trial. I can’t have any respect for this. This Court would not be out of place in a dictatorship”.
The Court also brushed aside the preliminary objections concerning its jurisdiction and the admissibility of the Public Prosecutor.
Nevertheless, Geert Wilders remains extremely motivated to seek justice: “I’m still counting on an acquittal”.
UPDATE: Diana West has this: “The second day of the Geert Wilders trial in Amsterdam ended after a short session in which the court ruled that it was competent to try the case (a real cliffhanger-not). The court-ruled “competent” court then pared down the list of 18 witnesses whom Wilders had wished to call in his defense to only three people: the Dutch Arabists Jansen and Admiraal, plus Syrian-born, all-American-heroine Wafa Sultan, author of the must-read A God Who Hates.”
AMSTERDAM, Feb 3 (Reuters) – An Amsterdam court said on Wednesday it will hear the case against right-wing Dutch MP Geert Wilders on charges of inciting hatred and discrimination against Muslims, rejecting his request to be judged in the Supreme Court.
In its ruling, the court rejected an assertion from Wilders’ laywer, who argued in January at the start of the trial the Supreme Court should hear the case because as a politician, Wilders has a certain protection under freedom of speech laws. (Reporting by Harro ten Wolde)
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