Suffer the poor jihadis for whom
the US failed to connect the dots
The Badly Misunderstood
in the Finnish documentary
“In The Shadows of Freedom”
Martin Scheinin is the same Professor of Constitutional and International Law, and “UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism”, who wondered whether: “counter-terrorism measures targeting bombers who dress as women offend the rights of transsexuals?”.
Remember folks, it’s all about that importantcomplex relationship between gender equality and countering terrorism” that should keep everyone awake at night, not the Islamic jihadis hiding explosives in their shorts or up their rears.
So Martin Scheinin got to unveal his all important tear-jerker of a documentary last night on Finnish state TV, YLE, which was nothing more than an obvious attempt to further malign the former Bush administration’s anti-terrorist policies, by heaping loads of undeserved sympathy upon unrepenant jihadis who just happened to luck out in not having sufficient evidence against them. One was released not so much for a clear lack of evidence, but due to the insistance of Tony Blair, the former British PM, who was feeling pressure at home.
Two of the three mentioned in the film had strong connections to Islamic jihadism, and due to their careful reading of the al-Qaida handbook, they of course took take great care in telling of their torture at Gitmo at the hands of the infidels.
Muhammad Saad Iqbal Madni
What they don’t tell you in the film: “The CIA found his name in al-Qaeda documents obtained in Afghanistan. The agency believes that Iqbal, a Pakistani, worked with Richard Reid, the Briton charged with attempting to blow up an American Airlines flight from Paris to Miami on December 22 with explosives in his shoes.”
He was forced to wear an orange jump-suit that “non-compliant captives were made to wear because of a suicide attempt he had made on the 191st day of his detention”.
Because of factors that included “denunciations from unnamed informants that he claimed to be a member of al Qaida, that he plotted assassinations, that he was related to a female member of the extremist Ak Ikhwan Al Muslimoon Group in Indonesia, and that he had stated: “The detainee stated it was better to kill one U.S. Government Official than 100 Americans.”, continued detention was deemed necessary.
The wikipedia page on the jihadi dirt bag, tells of Madni being both a braggert and embellishing his role in the jihad, and if that’s partly the case, then he has only himself to blame. But in the TT’s opinion, the US was more than justified in detaining him at Gitmo. That he spreads lies of “torture” at Gitmo, only compounds the TT’s belief that he should still be locked up….somewhere.
Omar Deghayes
What they don’t tell you in the film: Omar’s brother, Abubaker Deghayes, is a radical Muslim imam who violently took over a local mosque in the UK, and has said he believes Tony Blair is a “legitimate target” for terrorists.
According to blogger, Sweetness & Light:
“Court documents show Deghayes took over the mosque using violence, intimidation and threats. Dr Abduljalil Sajid, a leading imam and a government adviser on Islam, was forced out as head of the mosque by Deghayes and his supporters. It is understood Sussex police Special Branch held a number of meetings with Sajid about extremist elements at the site, but no overt action was taken. Sajid, chairman of the Muslim Council for Religious and Racial Harmony, is understood to have raised his concerns about the mosque with Blair.”

The lying jihadi blames the blindness in his right eye on “torture” he received in Gitmo, though it’s well known he had received the injury in his youth. The lying jihadi stated in 2006 a whole host of things that warranted his continued detention (and still does) but Tony Blair stepped in and had him remanded into British custody and flown to Spain to answer charges there. Only because of supposed deterioration of his mental health, the jihadi is released and now does PR work for the jihad with teh help of stooges like Martin Scheinin.

Here’s  a lists of what the guy admitted to doing:

The detainee stated that in 1993 he went to Bosnia to join the Mujahedin and stayed in Bosnia for one year at a Mujahedin Army camp.
A foreign government service reported transfers of two large sums of money involving the detainee and the Bahamas-based Bank al Taqwa. On 22 December 1994, the detainee and another individual deposited 225,774 United States Dollars into an account at Bank al Taqwa. On 25 May 1996, the amount of US$45,762 from that account was wired to the detainee.
Al Taqwa Bank in the Bahamas is listed in Executive Order 13224, which blocks property and prohibits transactions with persons who commit, threaten to commit, or support terrorism.
The detainee stated that he traveled to Afghanistan in the summer of 1999 using a fake British passport which he purchased for 1,000 British pounds.
The detainee stated that he obtained airline tickets for 800 British pounds from an individual whom the detainee knew was a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.
The detainee stated that he flew from England to Islamabad, Pakistan via Karachi, Pakistan, where he was met by a contact provided by an individual whom the detainee knew was a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group. The detainee stated that he stayed for three days at the contact’s home, was driven to Jalalabad, Afghanistan by the contact and then rented a ride to Kabul, Afghanistan.
The detainee stated that while in Afghanistan he worked as a financial supervisor at the charity organization Sanibel.
A former member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group stated that Sanibil characterizes itself as a charitable organization, but Sanibil’s first priority was providing support to the jihad activities of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.
Al-Aqsa Sinabil Establishment is listed in Executive Order 13224, which block property and prohibits transactions with persons who commit, threaten to commit or support terrorism.
A senior al Qaida operative stated that the detainee stayed at an al Qaida guest house in Pakistan in 1998.
An individual stated that the detainee arrived in Pakistan in approximately 1998, joined the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group upon his arrival, and worked at the al-Sanabil Institution in Kabul, Afghanistan.
A detained Libyan Islamic Fighting Group member stated that the detainee used to be a member of the LIbyan Islamic Fighting Group but did not know if the detainee received training.
The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group is a foreign terrorist organization. Some members are aligned with al Qaida.
An individual stated that the detainee joined the Taliban movement and worked for a short while at the al-Sanabil Institution until the 11 September 2001 attacks.
An individual stated that the Ashara guest house was owned by al Qaida and used by al Qaida members from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq and Libya.
b. Training
A senior al Qaida operative stated that he facilitated the detainee’s travel to a Libyan camp in Afghanistan.
An individual stated that the detainee came to Afghanistan in 1998 and was trained at Samarkhil or Samardil Camp.
A detainee of a foreign service stated that a Libyan Islamic Fighting Group camp was opened in the Samarkhil region near Jalalabad, Afghanistan in 1998.
The detainee was trained by and received Professional Association of Diving Instruction certification from an individual who has been associated with al Qaida and has provided dive training to jihadists.
c. Other Relevant Data
The detainee stated that when the bombing began in Afghanistan, he was transported by truck with Taliban members from Kabul, Afghanistan to the Peshawar, Pakistan area and was later arrested in Lahore, Pakistan.
Martin Scheinin: Masood Janjua? Well he dissapeared in Pakistan, he left home to catch a bus with his friend, Faisal Faraz, to Peshawar. So lets allude to US guilt for that one as well, seeing there’s no way US officials can defend themselves from the claim. KGS

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