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The sentiment expressed by the Italian PM, Silvio Berlusconi, is admirable, and well appreciated. The Tundra Tabloids believes however that no matter how symbolic the offer, Israel would politely decline, due to all the significant, and  legally binding directives that would be thrust upon the Jewish state. But that said, The TT wishes to underline the fact that Israel truly has a good friend in the Italian president. KGS
JERUSALEM, FEBRUARY 1 – “I have a dream”, that Israel will one day be able to enter into the European Union. This is how Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi addressed the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, at the ceremony to begin his visit to Israel. “We have the pride of being ourselves, with the Judeo-Christian culture which sits at the base of European civilisation”, Berlusconi said upon arrival in Israel

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  1. This is all very well and fine of the Italians. They've always been relatively kind to Israel.

    However, the regional group Israel really needs to join is the Arab League. I've been saying this for years.

    What! Don't look at me like that! I'm not crazy.

    In fact, I have often times felt that Europe and the USA have deliberately tried to keep Israel and the Arabs in a perpetual state of war. If the Israelis and Arabs were to close ranks and form an Arab League complete with free trade, the combination of petroleum, labor, and local (read that Israeli) know-how would make for a serious economic challenge to the EU.

    It's a shame the Arabs aren't of the midset to get their act together. I know the Italians probably mean well but these kind of overtures really cause the Muslims to go into a tizzy. To the Muslims, the notion of bringing Israel into the EU is a "European Crusade" to take back the Middle East.

    The poor Arabs just don't realize how easy it is to circumvent the modern "Crusade".

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