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Quite a despicable site you have here, so hate-filled, so racist. And I don’t mean any of that as a compliment. But you’re still short of Really quite sad and pathetic… And I’m not even a fan of Obama. The US is a rogue state and so is Israel. War criminals! And then there are those good people who are on Masada’s SHIT list and I think the list is getting longer. More and more Jews are saying Israel does not represent us – NOT in OUR names! Guess I’m the one lucky Canuck visiting your site right now…. so love and hugs from the blizzard.”
The shock of it all that the lone northern troll lays one smelly load after another, without ever bothering to show “exactly where” the TT is guilty of what he or she states. They never do. Drive-by trolling doesn’t take a scintilla of brains to carry out, which means by default, they’re never interested in any meaningful dialogue….that’s why they’re called trolls.
Shout waycist, waycist, and split the scene. Oh well, it give the TT’s readers something to read, and since the TT trusts its regular readers, its not worried that the loon’s message will carry any weight with them, they’ll spot it for what it is. OBTW, The troll was responding to the post the TT published concerning Mahmoud Abbas, the fake president of the defunct PA, which reported on the amount of corruption possibly leading to a Hamas take over of the PA.
Of course the troll would not have anything to say of the vast amount of corruption that passes for normal in the PA, and that it might lead to the genocidal Islamic supremacists, Hamas’ take over of area of Judea and Samaria. Just thought I’d pass that along to everyone. Oh and the troll claims to be a Jew, yeah…..and all we have is his/her word on that.  KGS

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  1. Actually, no I was NOT responding to the Abbas site. I was responding to the overall blog. I checked back at previous posts.

    I'd been here before but why would I want to come back for this crap? I used to spend time at Ynet and get abused. There are Canadian sites equally disgusting.

    Nothing wrong in being a troll. Tove Jansson, famous Finnish author wrote about them after all.

    HYI HYI HYI mitä kamalaa paskaa Suomessa kirjoitetaan.

  2. Thank you Steve. The readers of this blog will come to their own conclusions when they see commentors refusing to back up their claims.

    The TT has indeed labeled other people as bigot, racists and supporters of genocide etc., but there is always included a detailed explanation as to why.

  3. PartI

    Our dear Canuck Friend,

    I saw your mail posted to KGS on TT blog. After reading it I thought that maybe I, too, should give some input to the issues you highlighted. I don’t always agree with the contents of the TT and I haven’t visited Massada2000 for a long time (now I did). TT and Masada2000 present issues that you will not find in any other media. Let’s take the issue of the Jewish families leaving Malmo as an example. You will find it on TT and the “Norway, Israel and the Jew” blogs. But where else? Maybe it is not important to you, but for me it is. Why, because I want to know the WHOLE picture. Now, let me help to put some of the aspects you raise in order.

    Islam is a religion and an ideology that has believers from all races. Personally I don’t believe that there is scientific evidence to justify existence of human races, but some people are making distinctions based on skin color or other physical traits. Whatever the case, opposing Islam is not about race but opposing the religion and its ideology. It is not racism! If one hates the Jewish religion that’s fine, but when one hates the Jewish people, that IS racism. Please, keep your terminology coherent.

    When you say that US and Israel are rogue states you fail to indicate if there are other rogue states in the world and, if there are, which would they be. Is occupation the dirty word? Well, what is your opinion on Chinese occupation of Tibet, Russian (and previously Soviet) occupation of its border nations, Turkish occupation of Cyprus, Moroccan occupation of West Sahara, English occupation of Northern-Ireland and Scotland, Spanish and French occupation of the Bask country etc, etc. None of that is relevant to you, because the only thing of importance to you is Israel’s partial occupation of West-Bank and Golan heights. Israel does not occupy any of the other territories (about 90%) it conquered during the 1967 war that the ARABS started. And I have news for you. Had the Arabs made peace with Israel in 1967, Israel would not occupy any of the disputed areas.


  4. Part II

    Our dear Canuck Friend,

    Let’s go back a little bit to the Israeli-Palestinian (actually Moslem) conflict. Jews began to return to Zion in 1882 and that can be considered the start of the Zionistic enterprise. By the WW1 about 0.5% of the Jewish population of the world lived in Palestine. Between the years 1933-1937 there was a 5 years wave of immigration due to Hitler’s rise to power. Did the Jews come to Palestine because of its booming economy, outstanding social benefits, job opportunities provided by the powerful industry or abundance of natural riches such as oil? The Europeans drove the Jews out, but now they are also saying that you should not have gone to Palestine. Where did they want them to go? Man, take a closer look at the San Remo agreements and see the international agreements. Still, at the beginning of the WW2, only 2.5% of the world Jews lived in Israel. Zionism was never a success story.

    Why did I spend time on the above introduction? While the Islamic world is adamant that Israel must disappear because they can have no claim on the land, there are all of a sudden 25 million (at least) Moslems in Europe. They were not there before the WW2, so obviously they did not return to the land of their fathers. The Moslems say that this is not the same thing at all compared to Israel. No it isn’t. To where the Jews went, there were no states at all and to be very precise, the Jews did not talk about a state. They only wanted to live there. It was the Arabs that forced it Israel into existence. Now the Moslems also say that their presence in Europe is not about having Moslem states in Europe. But is that true? Why then do they demand incorporation of sharia law in the legislation of Europe? Why do they demand legitimizing head cover and hijab for women in Europe etc.? The in stone carved principle in European law of equal rights to women is all of a sudden open to discussion (in fact capitulated) and so will all the other principles of a western democracy. The Islamisation of Europe is well on the way and it is inevitable. Will it go all the way without bloodshed? I seriously doubt it. If the TT wants to talk about it, is that racism?

    So you say that more and more Jews outside Israel say that Israel does not represent them. When did Israel say that it represents the Jews outside Israel? It is the Jews outside Israel that try to impose on Israel that Israel must represent them and their ideology. Some of them end up on the Masada2000 SHIT list. Israel has the duty to protect the safety of the Israelis, not the peace of mind of the American or the Canadian Jews. If the US and Canadian Jews are not happy with the Israeli policy, they can move to Israel and vote in the elections. What is their (the non-Israeli Jewish Israel opponents) agenda anyway? They are not known for being committed to the Jewish religion and being Shabbath observers. So do they stress their Jewish nationality instead? By lambasting Israel, what kind of Jewish nationalism are they pursuing? The Jewish nation without a country? We have been in that movie already and in Israel there are no buyers to that idea. So it is rather the Jews outside Israel that do not represent the Jews of Israel. Remember, the Swedish families in Malmo suffering from anti-Semitism are moving to Israel, not US or Canada. Why is that?


  5. I have studied the issues quite thoroughly for the last few years. Because I wanted to get a picture of all sides, I read and listen to talks and interviews by "experts" presenting a variety of perspectives. I now take my cues from Jews whom I've learned to respect and not from Israeli hasbara.

    Tell me what right Israel has to any of the land in the West Bank or East Jerusalem for that matter? What right do they have to build the fence/wall on Palestinian territory? What role do international laws and conventions play when applied to Israel? Why can Israel violate them with impunity?

    Personally, I am weary and wary of all religions, especially the literalist interpretations of them. Extremist islam is not that different from fundamentalist christianity or "Kahanist" judaism.

  6. You state: "Tell me what right Israel has to any of the land in the West Bank or East Jerusalem for that matter? What right do they have to build the fence/wall on Palestinian territory? What role do international laws and conventions play when applied to Israel? Why can Israel violate them with impunity?"

    I'll tell ya, read the Balfour declaration, the League of Nations charter and then the United Nations charter, and then get back to me. The British Mandate was instituted to carry out the Balfour Declaration's intention to set up a Jewish homeland in Palestine. The area east of the Jordan river, called Judea and Samaria, became a disputed territory, due to the lack of a "higher contracting power" before the outbreak of hostilities by the Arabs against the nascent Jewish state.

    It's not the Jews' fault that the Arabs completely rejected the partition of Palestine, Israel accepted it, and became sovereign on the land under its control, the land of Judea and Samaria became a disputed territory, with no sovereign state being formed there. After the Arabs lost the 67' war, that land, still under dispute, came under Israeli control. The Balfour declaration is still in force, no legal document under UN auspices ever goes out of date. By default of the Arabs' actions, the areas of Judea and Samaria fall under the guidlines of the Balfour declaration. Cry as you may, legal is as legal does.

    Even if you reject that, (not that your rejection has any legal merit) the Israelis have every legal right as the only high contracting power to administer the area. Any Jew who builds a home there is acting upon his/her own free will, so there is no transfering or deportation of people into the area. Besides, UNSCR 242 is a chapter six resolution, which by default, makes the Israeli presence their entirely legal. The Geneva Conventions dictating what a state can do in an "occupied territory" does not apply. Israel, by its generosity allows some measure of the Converntions to apply, but it doesn't have to.

    Funny how you single out Israel "as the only party that has violated a resolution", as if there are no other parties to the conflict. UNSCR 242 is a resolution effecting all sides to the conflict, not just Israel. The Jewish state has adhered to 242 it its dealings with the Egyptians and with Jordan. It can't force the Arabs you call Palestinians to accept it anymore than the UNSC can force them. Next time you think of resolutions, think of both Arabs and Israel, not just the Jews.

    As for Extremist Islam not being any different from "fundamentalist christianity or "Kahanist" judaism," I disagree. While fundamentalists are found in all religions, you make the classic error in confusing Islam as being just another religion, it's not. The religious part of Islam is only the beard to the ideology as a whole, it's much more than that, much more. The Torah and the Talmud, as well as the New Testament, does not make any open ended calls for violence against the unbeliever until they are beaten or subdued. Islam does.

    That's why you'll never see an Islamic cleric, Imam or shiekh issue a fatwa condeming the institution of violent "Jihad" or against sharia as well. As long as both Jihad and Sharia remain the core Islamic principles that govern its continued existence, then Islam can never be compared to any other religion, because its not a personal belief system, but societal, which effects the non-believer as well.


  7. Dear Mr./Ms. Anonymous,

    Your questions pretty much say why you do not accept Israeli hasbara, but only anti-Israeli Jewish opinions. Here are some answers to your questions:

    If you study the San Remo resolution and the Palestine mandate by the League of Nations, you must understand that Israel has every right to those areas. If the final agreement between Israel and the Arabs provides another division, that’s fine with me. So far there is no agreement. Keep in mind that the Arabs have never accepted the UN partition resolution 181. Could you explain me explicitly what the Arab demands concerning area are? Just as a tip, they are not the 1967 borders, because that they already had in 1948.

    There are no paragraphs concerning fences in the international law. So you can build a fence wherever you want. If your arguments of Israel following the international laws and conventions are on this level, Man, you’re dead on the entrance. Obviously your “teachers” are talented, but they are badly biased.


  8. Anonymous brings up that old canard conflating Islam with Christian fundamentalism.

    That is all I need to understand about him/her in order to realise that the data and logic behind his/her reasoning is seriously flawed.

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