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We’re oh so sweet on Gordon’s plan

So the heroin drug running cartel of Taliban and non-Taliban Afghani war-lords and other minor potentates, are going to be rewarded for their role in stealing the majority of the Western aid meant for the destitute population, with a ‘bold’ scheme in bribing the majority of the people to whom the aid was originally meant for.

Karzai: Thanks Gordie for the assurances
that we don’t have to pay back what we stole
What they don’t understand is that,…they’ll be back with the jihad once they get the infidel out of their country. Knowing all too well that there won’t be a willingness to go back in, they’ll manage with the occasional missile strike etc., yet keep training those jihadis like they did pre-9/11. It’s all a mugs game.
Also, this sets a precedent for the West not to take seriously the heroin trade in Afghanistan, the growers and the traders will be allowed to develop that infastructure without any international intervention. So the Taliban get more jizya from the West, while keeping their drug trade flowing. Nice going Brown. KGS

Taliban to be ‘bribed’ with jobs and houses in £330m plan to stabilise Afghanistan

Taliban fighters will be handed jobs and free homes under plans to crush the insurgency in Afghanistan.
Even Mullah Omar, their fugitive leader, could be rewarded with property if he renounces violence and severs links with Al Qaeda.

But senior Government officials said it was unlikely the insurgents would be paid cash to give up their weapons, for fear it would be used to buy arms to target British troops.

The £330million plan to buy off jobless fighters will be the centrepiece of today’s international conference in London on the war-torn nation.

But the scheme likely to be greeted with dismay by some of the families of the 251 British troops who have been killed since the conflict began in 2001

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