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  1. Sorry, but this is not a German TV report (German TV stations have their signs in the left or right corner placed). This appears to be TV lookalike private Youtube movie which pretends to be a "regular" TV station. 100% it is not. The reported facts, however, are true, unfortunately…

  2. Thanks Chrysler 300M, That pic says a thousand words.

    Scarabeo, what can I say other than that's what Vlad Tepes filed it as. I'l' check it out and change it when I find something more concrete. Your input is much appreciated.

  3. @KGS: Since I'm a German journalist, I do know pretty well all main political TV journals and, btw, their anchors and speakers. Trust me, it's 100% not regular private or public TV. As I mentioned, all regular stations (cable, airborne, webbased) carry their logo in one corner. It's clearly missing here. But as I said, the facts they gathered are OK.

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