Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Comments


Here is once again the rantings of another anti-Israel/antisemitic commentor, who cares nothing about the facts. It’s educational however to occasionally show just how easy it is to prove their claims to have the consistency of helium.

The commentor’s points will be interspersed with pictures showing the falseness of the claims. Responding to a TT post on Norway’s Minister of Finance, Kristin Halvorsen’s decision to pull Norwegian investements from an Israeli arms firm, the following comments was left by an anonymous commentor:

[Disgusting site, (the Tundra Tabloids) off course there are politicians
who are against today’s modern aphartheid.]


Arab-Jewish singing duet elected to represent Israel
in the Eurovision song contest

And how about…
Popular Israeli Arab sit-com Avoda Aravit (Arab Labour)

And then there are these folks
Ali Yahya, first Israeli Arab ambassador to Finland

Former Israeli President Majallie Whbee

Israeli Arab Yusef Mishlab, former general IDF
TT: Now, in spite of the fact that Israel does indeed abide by international law, lets play along, and remember, that the antisemitic commentor said that Israel is the only country in the world that…..

[Israel is the only country in the world who think they are above the international laws.]
What about China and Tibet?
What about the Sudanese and Darfur?
TT: But hey, it doesn’t end here, there’s more!

[They keep innocent people in concentrationcamps and are activly
eliminationg the people because they are a different race.]

[Also, Israel are not allowing Israeli’s too critisize their goverment.]

Leftist Israeli Jewish and Arab loons protesting
Operation Cast Lead
[Vanunu are still prosecuted and harrased by the state of israel…If this is not modern Terror then what is? HYPOCRITS”]

TT: Yes Mordechai Vanunu is in jail, but he’s a traitor and a criminal for disclosing state secrets, and then after his release, jailed once again for violating his probation.

So you see folks, as far as the haters of Israel are concerned, facts are irrelevant, hence the reason why they shout, “apartheid”, “occupation” “racist state” at the top of their lungs without ever backing their claims up. (They can’t) It’s all about being as loud, shrill and as often as they can, to place these notions in the heads of anyone close enough to hear them. KGS

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