The Helsingin Sanomat publishes an op-ed today in it’s Saturday edition by Lauri Hannikainen, a professor of International Law at the University of Turku, and who is also a member of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance at Council of Europe. Hannikainen’s op-ed about Finland, Islam and integration, offers yet another example of a Finnish professor of international law making a total ass of himself on the front pages of that bird cage paper called the Helsingin Sanomat.
The Tundra Tabloids reported earlier about Martin Scheinin, the infamous Finnish international law expert who believes that current anti-terrorism policies, should reflect sensitivity towards certain trans-gender issues. And then there’s Martti Koskenniemi, another Finnish ‘expert’ on international law, who agrees with the absurd meme of the anti-Semite, Norman Finklestein, that Israel uses the Holocaust to deflect both criticism and international pressure away from its self defence policies.
Lauri Hannikainen, Martin Scheinin and Martti Koskenniemi all share a deep dislike for Israel’s determination to protect its citizens, and spread that dislike throughout the academic community, at home and abroad. Here is what Hannikainen writes, and please take note, he starts off by proving that he’s cognizant of the troubles that fundamentalist Muslims (and the quiet majority) are creating around Europe, but then exonerates them and blames the host populations.
Lauri Hannikainen: Just trust me,
I’ve asked the Muslims all about it
Our country should maintain a liberal line, and allow the use of headscarves in schools.
Europe is following the model of three different approaches to the use of religious symbols in schools managed by society: the use of religious symbols are prohibited by the principle of neutrality in the name (France). Each school will decide by themselves (Belgium). The use of religious symbols shall be permitted, as long as they do not go too far (Finland, Sweden). The wearing of a veil covering the face is considered excessive.
The principal, Karin Heremans, of the Athenee School in Antwerp Belgium, became known after he advocated that schools should have a lenient attitude towards religious symbols. He appealed to religious freedom, minority rights and intercultural dialogue. Last summer, however, he changed his tune, and ordered a school ban on religious symbols.
Heremans’ reasons for his decision, is the fact that Muslim girls use of the scarf had become a political symbol. Muslim students and their parents had begun to put pressure on Muslim girls who didn’t wear the scarf to come to school wearing them. Athenee-school atmosphere had been the more liberal of the other belgian schools. The Islamic conservatives, however, were able to organize the school and put more and more requirements, such as students’ right not to participate in certain classes and excursions. School was also asked to give up parental evenings, to which both sexes would participate.

So far so good, but watch how he now turns the tables and places the blame for everything on everyone else but the Muslims.

“In Belgium, as in many other Western European countries, there is also has a wider social reason for the deterioration in relations between the majority population and Muslim migrants : the extreme right-wing’s incitement of racism. Right-wing extremist propaganda has poisoned the atmosphere and hampered the integration of Muslims into society. Muslims put on the defensive has increased their willingness to fight.”
FULL STOP. First of all, there isn’t a single Neo-Nazi or skin head, racial supremacist organization in existence in Europe, that’s actively working against the Muslims, at least not in any recognizable way. in fact, they are working with them because the Muslim Brotherhood, (and Islam in general) is in fact a Fascist organization.
What they both have in common is a loathing of the individual Jew, and the world’s only Jewish state. That’s their common enemy, that, plus their basic ideology is what binds these two Fascist ideologies together. Hannikainen is just propagating a myth, not fact. (Click the picture for a close up of the SS insignias these Neo-Nazis are wearing while marching with their co-Muslim buddies in an anti-Israel demonstration.
Secondly, Hannikainen errs in lumping a clearly Left-wing movement, Fascism/Neo-Nazism, with conservative politics. It’s been a trick on the Left to identify the Fascists with the Right-wing but that’s not where they belong. Extreme Right-winger would be an ultra Libertarian, not a proppnent for big government, who is more than willing to sacrifice the individual for the sake of the collective group, as well as promoting racism and genocide. That’s traditional Marxist/Socialist thought through and through.

He continues.

“In light of that, it may be asked whether the French model of religious neutrality, is not the best option. It prohibits, in principle, on an equal basis for all religious symbols at public schools. This option may be the best in many situations, but I do not recommend it for Finland.
Our country has more than 40 000 Muslim immigrants, and the number is growing. The Muslim and majority population relations have been quite good. Most problems are caused by discrimination by the majority population.”

Most of the problems? Muslims in Finland, in spite of their small demographic number have managed to create from themselves Muslim only swimming hours in public pools, while keeping Finnish females from sun bathing while their children play in the park. There are also those who say Muslims are over represented in Finnish correctional facilities.

In spite of their small numbers, immigrant Muslims with a political Islamic agenda are having a field day with Finnish societal norms, and yet, it’s supposedly Finland’s majority population’s “discrimination” that’s responsible for Muslim “youths” breaking the law. What a bunch of nonsense. Arman Alizad, whose parents moved to Finland in the 60’s would disagree:
Finland is home to thousands of hardworking and law-abiding foreigners who are adapting to the service industry a hundred times better than the Finns. It is wrong, for their reputation to be stained because of those who exploit Finnish generosity.”
Hannikainen’s thinking is a clear example of the humanitarian racism that the Tundra Tabloids keeps referring to, “the attribution of intrinsically reduced responsibilities for their actions to people of certain ethnic or national groups”.

But there’s more!

“The organization of Finland’s Muslim communities is still ongoing. The main confederation, the Finnish Islamic Council (Sine) has been operating since 2006. The authorities may choose to negotiate with it on Muslim issues.
The Council’s enunciations have been moderate. This reflects the fact that Finland lacks a strong extreme right-wing which provokes hatred towards Islam.
The Finnish Islamic Council (Sine) inform constructively to promote understanding of Islam in Finland as well as Finnish culture within the Muslim community. The aim is to prevent the Islamic and even anti-Islamic extremism development in Finland.”
The Tundra Tabloids begs to differ. The Finnish Islamic Council is far from being the moderate organization that the professor of international law and the SINE, makes it out to be. Upon closer examination, the FIC/SINE has yet to distance itself from (or at least condemn) the Finnish Islamic Society for the links it maintains to the anti-Semitic and homophobic and suicide bombing supporting Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi (and CAIR).
It’s laughable that the international law expert would applaud an Islamic umbrella organization for its moderation, all the while it finds nothing wrong with one of its member Islamic organizations linking to such an Islamic extremist and racist like Qaradawi. The man is either clueless about Islamic law and the direct political agenda that derives from it, or he is just closing a blind eye and purposefully lying to his readers.

He continues:

In Finland, there is no need to appeal for prohibitions on Muslims. Our country should maintain a liberal line, and so allow the use of headscarves in schools as well as the building of a minaret.
A change in policy would be necessary only if the wearing of headscarves should be policy-making tool. A development which is not in sight.
SINE underpinned by both the Finnish Ombudsman for Minorities and our traditional Muslim community of Tatars and their Finnish Islamic congregation. Tatars in Finland are well integrated, but have maintained their own religion and language. They have the experience and vision of how the Muslim integration can be a success. The Tatar community should also more closely provide expertise for SINE to use.
The only reason why the Tartar community hasn’t been radicalized in times past, is due to their complete isolation and secularization by the host society over the last hundred years, and during which time, Islamic fundamentalism, globally, was non-existent. KGS

H/T: Vasarahammer and Kumitonttu

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