Like headline reads, it’s the reason why this blog exists, to stop the flow of Islam in its tracks, and if it can be helped, to retard its advances not only in the free west, but also in traditional Muslim lands as well. It’s for the better good of the entire world if Islam becomes a defunct ideology, to be scrapped and placed right beside all the other discredited ideologies on the ash heap of history.
A Muslim commentor, Rise and Palmers, left the following nonsense to a post the Tundra Tabloids published yesterday about freedom fighter, Geert Wilders, and the political show trial he faces, something of which R&P thinks should have never gone to court, but for all the wrong reasons.
R&P: The best way to counter these type of blasphemy is to start more vigorous DAWAH (preaching) among the masses. We give a bigger publicity to an ignorant person when we take his false propaganda to the court or start agitating on streets. Ignore it because falsehood always perishes before the Truth and then the person also perishes in the wilderness. Agitation and counter agitations always keep the mater alive for long which is a real harm to a religion. Moreover a person who has forgotten the values of his ancestors, how can he understand the value of a religion. Just pity him and others like him. GOD HELP THEM
More people have “forgotten the values of their ancestors” due to islamic imperialism. Geert Wilders is working to stop that from ever happening in the Netherlands and by default, elsewhere in Europe and in the free world.
The true ignoramuses are the very people that Rise & Palmer represents, Muslims, you know, the very ones who think that Mohamed is the embodiment of all that is pure, good and wise and follow his precepts without a moment of reflection on whether it’s an entirely ludicrus, and self defeating exercise. Those that promote any form of Dawa, Jihad and Sharia are the very ones that constitute a fifth column in our societies.
Anyone caught spreading such destructive ideologies should be penalized, and if not a citizen, deported after ample warnings have been served. That’s how to safeguard our western style democracies and way of life, end of report. KGS

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