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UPDATE: Here is the first report coming from the court room:

“At the start of proceedings, the presiding judge said it had been “suggested” that the court had already convicted Wilders before its first hearings. He would therefore “like to emphasize that only after the last word in these hearings has been said, the court will deliberate about its decision.”
In his opening statement, Wilders’ lawyer Bram Moskowicz questioned why the trial was taking place in Amsterdam rather than in The Hague, where his client works. Most of the complaints filed against Wilders since 2006 were related to remarks he made as a lawmaker in the Hague-based parliament, he said. Moskowicz also argued that Wilders’ remarks about Islam were made only in the context of his work as a lawmaker, and that he never spoke “a titre personnel,” or in his personal capacity. “

UPDATE II: Here is a partial (google) translation of the following article from NOS Nieuws that is covering the court hearing.

“At the court in Amsterdam protesters gather for a demonstration for the freedom of expression. The demonstration was organized by the PVV following the case against party leader Geert Wilders.
When the court is a procedural hearing began this morning against Wilders, who is suspected of sowing hatred, discrimination and insulting Muslims. The meeting, inter alia, will be hearing witnesses. Wilders has already announced that he would call an expert for example, who can support the comparing of the Koran with Mein Kampf.
 It is also clear that Wilders’ lawyer may call as witnesses the murderer of Theo van Gogh, Mohammed B. Wilders wants to prove that their criticism of Islam is justified. According to the PVV leader Mohammed B. is “living proof” that Islam is an inspiration for violence. “

Dutch anti-Islam lawmaker faces (FALSE) hate speech (SHOW) trial

AMSTERDAM – Supporters of Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders are demonstrating outside an Amsterdam court where he is appearing to answer charges of inciting hate against the Netherlands’ Muslim minority.
Wilders’ lawyer Bram Moszkowicz has challenged the court’s jurisdiction and argued the case against his client is unfounded.
Wilders has been charged over remarks comparing the Quran to Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” and calling for it to be banned in the Netherlands. He has become one of the country’s leading politicians by giving a voice to anti-immigrant sentiment.
Presiding Judge Jan Moors assured Wilders on Wednesday he would receive a fair trial.
Supporters outside the court said Wilders’ prosecution is an assault on freedom of speech

2 Responses

  1. The best way to counter these type of blasphemy is to start more vigorous DAWAH (preaching) among the masses. We give a bigger publicity to an ignorant person when we take his false propaganda to the court or start agitating on streets. Ignore it because falsehood always perishes before the Truth and then the person also perishes in the wilderness.
    Agitation and counter agitations always keep the mater alive for long which is a real harm to a religion.
    Moreover a person who has forgotten the values of his ancestors, how can he understand the value of a religion. Just pity him and others like him.

  2. More people have "forgotten the values of their ancestors" due to islamic imperialism.

    Geert Wilders is working to stop that from ever happening in the Netherlands and by default, elsewhere in Europe and in the free world.

    Take your Dawa and shove it where the sun don't shine.

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