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The problem with political maroons like Store, is that they get away with their lying over and over again. It’s because the media allows them to get away with it, because the lies they tell aligns with their warped version of reality. So, outside of the blogosphere, very few people will ever learn that East Jerusalem was once a Jewish majority town, and that the Balfour Declaration and UNSCR 242 allows for Jews to build homes in Judea and Samaria. Thanks once again to the NIJ blog for doing us all a favor of keeping track of Norwegian political tomfoolery. KGS

Støre: ´Israel is violating International law´

Norway’s FM Jonas Gahr Støre never condemns Egypt for persecuting the Copts, PA for inciting hatred through their children’s programmes, or Jordan for violating human rights. Nor is he unduly concerned over Iran, Russia, China or North Korea. Only when it comes to Israel is he a bold critic.

The Norwegian media is of course only to happy to disseminate Mr.Støre’s take on things. Excerpt from TV2’s article “Israel is violating International law” by journalist Fredrik Græsvik. This article is actually a re-do of a recent NTB (Norwegian News Agency) article, only with a slightly more aggressive heading.
The foreign minister is especially critical of Israel’s decade long occupation of Palestinian East-Jerusalem.
– We do not recognize the Israeli annexation of East-Jerusalem. Norway is concerned over the developments, says Støre.
It would be interesting to learn whether Mr.Støre even knows that one of the reasons East Jerusalem is considered “Palestinian” to begin with is that the Jews living there were ethnically cleansed in 1947/48. As for occupation we need to observe that Jerusalem was never occupied from another state. Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza were occupied by Jordan and Egypt from 1948 to 1967.
In an announcement on the MFA web-site, reference on the same topic (Jerusalem) is also made to Jersualem’s holy status in Islam. Again it would be interesting to hear Støre, an MFA employee or journalist Fredrik Græsvik elaborate on how it is that Jerusalem can be such a holy city when neither Palestine nor Jerusalem is mentioned in the Koran. By the same logic, would Støre support a push to recapture Istanbul for Christianity?

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