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It’s evil. The Euro-Med “Partnership is an alliance between the European Union member states (the North) and the area of Islamic states that border the Mediterrianean sea (the South). The partnership will bring another 50 million Muslims into Europe that will radically change the European continent forever. Pamela at Atlas Shrugs has been busy spilling the beans about the Euro-Med Partnership, read here. KGS

NOTE: The way the EU has been running with the Euro-Med Partnership project, without informing the citizens of the states that make up that union, symbolizes the anti-democratic nature of the EU itself. It’s prime interest is promoting intitiatives that benefit itself, not to the people it supposedly represents.

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European Council to Strengthen Ties With Region

“BRUSSELS, JANUARY 15 – The Euro-Mediterranean region is on the agenda of the parliamentary Assembly of the European Council, in which a strategy to play a more important role in relations between the two sides of the Mediterranean will be discussed. One of the proposals stresses the importance of the stability of the Mediterranean area for Europe, and underlines how stability can be reached through democracy, respect for human rights and a constitutional state. Several Mediterranean countries have declared to be committed to these goals on a bilateral level, and have shown interest in the European Council’s experience in this field.
Despite the fact that democracy was a topic at the foundation of the Mediterranean Union in Paris, it is no priority in the multilateral initiatives announced in the Union’s framework.
That is the reason for the draft proposal to have the Mediterranean Union extend its activities in that direction, that way also involving the European Council. The proposal includes a 2-way approach: on bilateral level, continuing to offer assistance to its partner countries, and on a multilateral level by trying to participate in the Euro-Mediterranean and Mediterranean Union partnership process, embracing the priorities of the European Council: democracy, human rights and constitutional state.”
NOTE: Henrik Clausen from EuropeNews writes on the subject as well. That the new union is now headed by a Jordanian, is it any wonder that the “partnership” isn’t interested in democracy at all?
The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, also known as EuroMed, has been pretty much under the radar for 15 years. When it caused some public discussion in 2007, it was renamed ”Union for the Mediterranean”, and quietly permitted to proceed. Not much was heard of it, but now EuropeNews has the scoop: It is being established now – and we have a window of merely 14 days to protest it.
The news is tucked away in this discreet ANSAmed news item:
Quote: Ahmad Khalaf Masadeh, Jordanian ambassador to Brussels, has today been appointed as secretary general of the Mediterranean Union.
It is remarkable that an ambassador of a non-democratic nation has been appointed to head the Union. Now, it should not be assumed that the European Union, run by a non-elected Commission and having a non-elected President, should care too much about such details.
But since the 16 non-EU states of the Mediterranean Union does include decent democracies (Israel, Croatia) as well as more dubious ones (Albania, Bosnia, Turkey), it would seem appropriate to appoint a representative from a democratic country to head the Union.
There are more remarkable passages in that piece.
Quote: A statement will be circulated tomorrow amongst the 42 Foreign ministers of the countries which make up the Mediterranean Union, with any comments to be made within 15 days. With the exception of surprise opposition, today’s appointment will be definitively approved by a process of tacit consent. “Today we have made history.”
There we have it – full stealth mode. Unless someone protests loudly, this will proceed. Now, in order to field a reasonable protest, one needs to know what goes on, and politicians in democracies need to know if they have public support for the protest or not. Since neither of these are the case, no protests can be expected, and the project will continue.
Further, ‘making history’ through ‘tacit consent’ is not an honorable way to run things in a democracy. Either you have democracy, Rule by the People, where all major decisions are based on public, not tacit, consent. Alternatively, you should give up the pretense of democracy and declare EU to be the Oligarchy it truly is.
That would at least be honest.
What is the project about?

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