The Tundra Tabloids had contacted the Dutch embassy in Helsinki on Thursday, 14.01.10, and spoke with one of its representatives, who agreed with the TT that such a court proceeding against Geert Wilders would never see the light of day in a US court.
The TT also brought up the fact that it was the grossest of ironies that the man who vindicated Osama Bin-Laden in a mock court trial on Dutch tv, Gerard Spong, was also the individual responsible for filing charges against the Dutch politician.
So it’s interesting that the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Washington D.C. has posted this notice on its website, which basically says that: “there’s no political influence going on here, so please move on, nothing to see……..”. KGS

January 14, 2010

“In September 2009, the Court of Appeal in Amsterdam ordered the criminal prosecution of Mr. Geert Wilders, Member of the Dutch Parliament, for inciting hatred and discrimination based on his statements in various media about Islam. Various people and organisations had asked for his prosecution. In June 2008, the Public Prosecutor had determined that his statements were not against the law and had dropped the case, but the plaintiffs appealed this decision before the Court of Appeal.
The Court of Appeal determined that statements equating Islam to Nazism were a punishable insult to Islamic worshippers and therefore constituted ground for criminal prosecution. The Court of Appeal did not convict Mr. Wilders of a crime, but ordered the Public Prosecutor to start a criminal procedure against him before the District Court of Amsterdam.
On January 13th, the District Court in Amsterdam dismissed a motion made by Mr. Wilders to limit the charges against him. The Court ruled that the indictment was in line with the decision of the Court of Appeal and that there were no new facts that would give reason to limit the scope of the indictment. On January 20th, the District Court in Amsterdam will start the proceedings in the case. Ultimately, it will decide whether or not mr Wilders has committed a criminal offense.
The Court of Appeal and the District Court are fully independent from the Dutch government. As the procedure is ongoing, any further comment by the Netherlands government on the case itself would be inappropriate. Mr. Wilders is a member of parliament and continues his work while the case goes through the legal process.”

2 Responses

  1. Perhaps this is an opportunity to prove the point. Exposing this evil belief system can't be too difficult. I accept, however, that many people refuse to see what is in front of their face. I, for instance, post on the internet with left wingers and feminists who are appalled that I would criticize Islam. Go figure.

  2. Scunnert, hats off to you for posting with these people, they have to be made to see our arguments, which at the end of the day, are sound.

    You're having an impact in spite of not seeing the immediate results. Leaving people with much ponder on is the only way to influence them.

    You're right, the more opportunity to expose these people and their entirely laughable, and evil ideology….the better.

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