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Sébastien Selam

The Tundra Tabloids recently posted an interview it did with Dr.Ami Cammarella, an Israeli French Jew who has had it with France due to the rise in antisemitism, and it leaving for greener pastures elsewhere. Pamela Geller from Atlas Shrugs published Nidra Poller’s article in an exclusive report, that goes hand in hand with the reasons why Dr.Cammarella is leaving France, and seeing that the circumstances surrounding the murder of Sébastien Selam is being carefully weeded of any mention of antisemitism, one can safely conclude that there is still a reluctance in France to openly confront Jew hatred due to upsetting the Islamic community. KGS
Geller writes: Sébastien Selam was a popular disc jockey at a hot Parisian night club called Queen. The young man known as DJ Lam C (a reverse play on his surname) left the apartment he shared with his parents in a modest building in of Paris’ 10th arrondissement near la Place Colonel Fabien, heading to work as usual. In the underground parking lot, a Muslim neighbor slit Selam’s throat twice, according to the Rosenpress interview. His face was completely mutilated with a carving fork. Even his eyes were gouged out.
There has been some coverage in France, as usual superficial and mediocre.
Poller returns to Atlas to bring us the shocking miscarriage/lack of justice in this horrid, horrid case. She brings the same laser like analysis, the same flashlight, the same brilliant reporting to the Selam story as she did to the story of Ilan Halimi.

Paris January 13, 2010 Nidra Poller

The Sébastien Selam murder case will go to France’s highest court after Justice Minister Michèle Alliot-Marie appealed the January 5th verdict, reiterating previous decisions, declared Adel Amastaibou criminally irresponsible on the grounds of insanity. Diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic with episodes of delirium aggravated by refusal to take prescribed medication and a regular intake of cannabis and alcohol, Amastaibou has been discarded like the arm of the crime. Covered in blood? Yes. Judges, police, and psychiatric experts agree. But no longer operational?
On the night of November 19-20, 2003, Adel Amastaibou killed his 23 year-old Jewish neighbor, Sébastien Selam, a popular DJ known as Lam C. The coroner’s report notes “multiple traumatic cranial-facial and laryngeal lesions with fracture of the face and horns of the mylohyoid bone and thyroid cartilage caused by stab wounds and powerful direct blows (by [the assailant’s] foot).”
The knife handle broke off under the force of the blows. The fork used to gouge the victim’s eyes was twisted. The suspect told police he had no regrets about killing the f___ing Jew bastard. Adel’s mother Zohra Amastaibou testified that she saw her son, who was not in a normal state, looking for something in the kitchen drawer early that evening. She managed to hide the sharpest knives. Apparently he was able to borrow one from a neighbor before luring his victim into the building’s underground parking garage. Despite the shocking brutality of the murder, the clearly documented premeditation, a history of antisemitic aggression, repeated run-ins with the police, several jail terms that were never served, and a sustained activity of drug dealing, Amastaibou was listlessly placed in a mental hospital while the case was languidly investigated. The investigating magistrate auditioned the killer for the first time in June 2004, seven months after the crime. A series of psychiatric experts rubber-stamped the initial diagnosis: not fit to stand trial, not able to discern the meaning of his act, too sick to understand that he should take his medication and avoid drugs and alcohol. But… not unfit to enjoy the occasional weekend out of the hospital and, it is reported, to hang around his old neighborhood. Still not enough freedom for Adel Amastaibou who wrote to his victim’s mother, Juliette Selam, asking her to drop the charges because “I’m fed up here [in the hospital].”
Right after the murder was reported, an absurd formula was thrown together to measure the motivation behind the murder of a young Parisian Jew by a Muslim neighbor he’d known from childhood: 1/3 madness, 1/3 jealousy, 1/3 antisemitism. Journalists, analysts, officials, and Jewish community leaders repeated the list of ingredients with a straight face. The victim’s sister-in-law Laetitia Sarfaty Selam—who has since divorced but stands firmly by the family—wrote soberly but clearly to alert Jewish leaders to the antisemitic nature of the crime but virtually none were willing to openly admit that the wave of attacks triggered in September 2000 had reached a summit, the murder of a Jew because he was Jewish. Two years later when the kidnap-torture-murder of Ilan Halimi broke that taboo, the Selam family had to endure the constant repetition of an imposed falsehood: “This is the first time,” declared this or that public figure, “a Jew has been murdered in France because he was Jewish.”

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